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I specialize in helping writers, artists. filmmakers and other creative souls navigate the often murky waters of their own creative process. Borrow my brain for your current work in progress and I’ll walk you through my project audit to help you see your next steps clearly and commit to an action plan for making progress.
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Our Services

30 Minute Discovery Call
If you're feeling lost, overwhelmed or hopelessly stuck with your creative passions, let's talk. In this short introductory call, you can catch me up on your current project(s) and we'll zero in on the one tiny thing you can do to take action in the direction of your dreams. Please note: This free call is available for those readers who have pre-ordered my book Ten Tiny Things.
60 Minute Work-In-Progress Strategy Session
A one-on-one conversation via phone call, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to discuss your current project or work-in-progress with a specific focus on the obstacles that you're currently facing. Together we'll examine your objectives and craft a future plan for you to get action and traction on your goals.
20 Minute One-on-One Accountability Call
Do you need to put some money down in order to make progress on your dreams? If deadlines and someone looking over your shoulder are what you need to make progress, I'm here for you. Let's schedule a brief accountability phone call via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. You can book individual calls as needed, or select the Accountability 6-pack to keep you moving in the right direction for weeks to come.
One-on-One Accountability Call 6-Pack
A refreshing way to purchase six 20 Minute Accountability Calls for the price of five (a $29 savings). You'll book the first call when you buy this service, but you'll still have five more to schedule for the duration of your creative project, novel in progress, thesis work or start-up endeavor. We'll schedule these over the next three to six months, as needed, based on our initial conversation. Let's make some magic and keep you moving forward on your dreams.
90 Minute Creative Process Audit
A one-on-one consultation via phone, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to examine your current workflow and creative process. Together we'll examine the blocks and bottlenecks that are preventing you from gaining traction and forward momentum. You'll leave the call with clarity, focus, and a strategic action plan.

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Kris Dyson
Kris Dyson, MFA, is a writer, filmmaker & teaching artist based in South Florida. She's the author of "Ten Tiny Things," a tiny yet mighty manifesto on the creative process. She's directed a documentary short film and is a co-producer for the 2019 feature doc, "When All That's Left Is Love." She's presented at workshops, film festivals and conferences nationwide and is the recipient of several awards and grants for her work in digital media and education. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication/Motion Pictures from the University of Miami, MFA in TV & Screenwriting from Stephens College and Certificate in Documentary Arts from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.