Lucid Chiropractic Clinic

At Lucid Chiropractic Clinic, we utilize gentle and specific chiropractic techniques to reduce neuromuscular imbalances. Appointments can be requested online 24 hours to 30 days in advance. Prospective patients: select the consultation visit.

LAST MINUTE APPOINTMENTS: We're sorry, but we cannot accommodate same-day appointment requests online.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We get it-- some days life doesn't cooperate with our plans either. Unfortunately, rescheduling last minute or missing your appointment means a spot couldn't be filled by someone else. Regrettably, it seems the best way to protect fellow patients and Lucid Chiropractic Clinic from wasted appointments means instituting this policy: Missing your appointment, or rescheduling/cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment time will result in a $20.00 charge. Thank you for your respect and understanding.

WE'RE MOVING! Starting 12/1/19, we'll be at 201 N Braddock Ave, Room 130.
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Our Services

Neuromuscular Balance Assessment
FOR ESTABLISHED PATIENTS: This appointment is an assessment for Neuromuscular Balance. If imbalances are found and a chiropractic adjustment is indicated, this appointment will also include the appropriate adjustment, resting period, and post-adjustment check.
Complimentary Initial Consultation
FOR PROSPECTIVE PATIENTS: Curious about chiropractic care in our clinic? Schedule a consultation to find out if this might be the right place for you! Consultations are always free and you will never be pressured to sign up for anything. Come in and chat with one of our doctors about what makes care at Lucid Chiropractic special.

Our Staff

Nicole (Olie) Guarino