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Private Basic Soapmaking Class

In this class, you will learn the basics of making cold process soap by doing it! You will make a 1.5 lb. batch of fragranced soap to take home with you! All supplies to make your soap are included in the cost of the class. Use my tools and supplies to save on costs while you learn. Many fragrances, including essential oils will be supplied so you can plan out your perfect fragrance combination. Handouts, including the recipe used in class, and instructions on how to make soap by yourself when you get home are also included. You will also receive curing instructions for the soap you made and directions on cutting it as well! Your Private Lesson will be held at Needle, Ink and Thread in Kettering Ohio! 3 People Max Registrations for private lessons. Book Seperately, Private lesson bookings are on Monday evenings. 4+ people register as a private party. If you need a Private Lesson on a different day or evening, contact to start a conversation!

$125 · 2 hours

Private Business Consultation/Product Development

Choose this option if you are looking for help with product development. Appointments can be booked for Monday evenings (other times may be available, but you will have to call). Leave details for me in the notes section when purchasing your slot, and a good phone number so I can contact you for more details if needed. Any questions, just call me at 937-232-3205. The consultation is for 2 hours, but we may run over a bit. Product development can take some time, but please just start out booking only your first appointment, we will make a plan during the consultation. Consultations can be held at Needle, Ink and Thread in Kettering, or another location if possible.

$220 · 2 hours

1 hr Personalized Skincare Product Consultation

Have you always wished that a skincare product could be just what you want and need? It can happen! I love to make customized products! Chose this option if you desire fresh and customized skin care products like anti-aging creams, cleansing gels, eye creams, soaps, lotions, and more! We will consult for 1 hour, and talk about the products you use every day, and find ways to consolidate them. From there, we will plan products for your skin, and I will then formulate and make them fresh and deliver them to you when they are finished. Things to keep in mind: You are not going to walk away from the consultation with any product (unless I have samples to hand out as I often do!) I will most likely need to order special ingredients, and it could take up to 3 weeks to get your customized products. Payment for all of the products you order is upfront, and is not included in the consult fee. Book a Monday evening slot (just book it now while you are here!), we will only need about an hour. Monday evening appointments are held at Needle Ink and Thread in Kettering, Ohio. If you cannot do a Monday evening.. We may need to meet somewhere local. I prefer Kettering/Dayton/Beavercreek areas. I can come to you if you live nearby or we can meet at a coffee shop or somewhere simple and quiet. This is a one-time consultation fee to get us started. Customer may be responsible for the upfront costs of some ingredients (some of them are incredibly expensive but worth it!)

$65 · 1 hour

Private Basic Lotionmaking Class

Learn how to make a basic lotion in this 2 hour 1 on 1, hands-on class! You will also learn about the different oils, waxes, extracts and fragrances you can use in lotions! Walk out with the product you made! All supplies and packaging are included in the cost! All you need to bring is your favorite apron if you have one!! If you would like to bring another person, please contact me. This purchase is only for one spot. I will take up to three people in a private lesson, each spot must be purchased on the booking site. Private lessons are on Mondays at Needle, Ink and Thread in Kettering! If you are looking to book a Private Lesson on a different day or evening, please e-mail to start a conversation!! Be sure to look over our cancellation policies!!

$130 · 2 hours

Private Advanced Soapmaking Class

Have experience making soap, but are ready to take it to another level? Sign up for my advanced class! You will spend 2 hours advancing your techniques! Learn when and how to color and do basic swirls, as well as add additives, like exfoliants or nutritious extracts! All supplies and packaging are included. You will be able to create what you want in this class! Keep in mind that the advanced class may run over depending on what you choose to do with your batch!! You will get to take the finished product home to cure and cut! Let me know what you are wanting to do and I will make sure to have what we need. Please schedule with this in mind. I may have to order a few things, schedule a few weeks out! Choose this booking option for any advanced lesson, not just soap! Bring your favorite apron if you have one!! Private Lessons are held at Needle, Ink and Thread in Kettering. You must already have experience making soap to take the advanced class. If you are looking to book a Private Lesson on a different day or evening, please contact me!

$175 · 2 hours 15 minutes


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