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Rachel Lauderbaugh has a passion for helping others heal themselves. Have you tried every way possible to heal mentally and physically? Tired of feeling lost, pain, and that things will never change? Have you tried iRest Meditation? Have you tried Rolfing? Have you tried trauma sensitive yoga?

Rachel is a disabled veteran and has had great success in her own healing with these three practices. The healing that they brought to her own mind and body, she had no idea was even possible. They healed her, made her feel whole and alive again. The discovery of that made her want to learn all she could to help others. Give her a call and see if these healing methods might fit into your life!
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Our Services

Rolfing Session
Rolfing session, includes diagnostics and structural work
Yoga for Stress class
Yoga for stress class in February
iRest Meditation Session
Individual iRest meditation session
Private yoga session
Individual yoga session for 1-5 people. Price varies
Dive Deep: iRest Meditation session/ JM Coaching
This one hour meditation is for clients of Johanna Martinez and i.R.Y. dive deep package.

Our Staff

Rachel Lauderbaugh
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