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I have always loved helping people, and mediumship is one of the ways I am able to do it. I am a Internationally known Spiritual Medium & Psychic as well as a Healing Touch Practitioner. I was born with these abilities, but I have trained with some very wonderful teachers from around the world to enhance them. I continue training to be the best that I can be to help you on this journey. I have a variety of abilities to help me connect with the spirits for you.
As well as mediumship I am an energy healer. I have been doing Healing Touch since 1997. Along the way I have trained in other healing modalities; Reiki, Quantum Healing & Medical Intuition, Energetic Transformations, Chakra balancing as well as other healing techniques.
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Audio recording of your reading
Your recorded session will be recorded for the duration of your session and the link for you to download will be sent to you within 48 hrs. On a rare occasion, there is a problem with the recording being recorded, in that case your money will be refunded immediately.
Holiday Gift Certificate: 2018 Holiday Reading with custom 15 minute meditation (Mediumship or Psychic)
Mediumship or Psychic Reading with a bonus custom 15-minute meditation
Mediumship Reading
Connecting with your loved ones who have crossed over and/or your Spirit Guides. Carole will give you evidence of the Spirit so that know it is really them that she has connected with. I, Carole Burris, will connect with the world of Spirit and will also gain insight using my psychic awareness. The readings that I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that I give you, including any actions you take, is your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. For legal reasons we have to advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only. My services are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert. Reading Disclaimer There is no guarantee that you will connect with the Spirit that you want to, however I wil...
Mediumship Reading
Follow Up Mediumship or Psychic Reading
Available within two weeks or initial session. This session is for those who have more questions and would like additional clarity or clarification about their session. This session is a follow-up session after your initial Mediumship or Psychic Reading, the duration of this session must be equal to or less than the original session. Example: the 1st session was an hour, you can choose to book an hour follow up session, or a half hour session. If you booked your original appointment for a half hour you can only book a half hour follow up session, not an hour.
Follow Up Mediumship or Psychic Session
Available within two weeks or initial session. This session is for those who have more questions and would like additional clarity or clarification about their session. This session is a follow-up session after your initial Mediumship or Psychic Reading, the duration of this session must be equal to or less than the original session. Example: the 1st session was an hour, you can choose to book an hour follow up session, or a half hour session. If you booked your original appointment for a half hour you can only book a half hour follow up session, not an hour.
Giving you voice - 4 sessions
Giving you voice The program includes 4-60 minute sessions. With each session building upon the other. · A mediumship reading · A clearing session of old wounds · A session focus on old patterns · Tools and ways to express your voice
Psychic Reading
My intention for every reading I do is for the information that is for your highest good to come through. I connect with my guides, angels, and your guides. I will tell you what I am seeing, hearing, feeling, and intuitively know. These readings are great to help you with the direction you are going with career, love, and problems that you feel unable to find a solution, or unsure of a situation. Readings help provide guidance and clarity on situations
Psychic Reading
Mini Reading
If you have a couple of questions this is the way to go. For a more in-depth session choose the 30 minute or 60-minute sessions.
Gallery Readings - Group Readings (10 friends = $40.00 each)
Make your event or party extra special by hosting a Gallery type reading! Gallery readings are done in large or small groups of people. Carole Grace delivers messages from Spirit to the group. It is heartwarming, meaningful and a fun time for all and results in many treasured memories. These events are similar to the Long Island Medium TV show. If a message is too personal I will deliver it privately at the end of the event. $400.00 for two hours and you can have as many people or as few people as you would like. Please no alcohol during or prior to the event. Alcohol changes the energy and people get psychic amnesia even with out drinking. I will leave if I arrive and their is alcohol being consumed and your payment or deposit will be forfeited.
Energy Treatment & Reading
30 minute energy treatment to release stress and 30 minute reading
Gift Certificate
Purchase a Gift Certificate for yourself or a loved one. The Amount purchased will be applied towards a reading.
Private training from a certified meditation teacher to help you learn to meditate and find out about all the benefits. I can tailor a meditation program for individual needs, such as performance, anxiety, etc.
NMT/Quantum Healing
Using a combination of modalities to help clear blocks to physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual so that you can begin living a life that is what you want and for your highest good. We are all made of energy as well as our businesses our careers our families, etc. What if we could make positive shifts in this energy to live a more fulfilling and healthy life. These sessions are done over the phone.
Healing Touch or Reiki
Healing Touch is an energy based therapeutic approach to healing. I use touch to influence the energy system, thus affecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing. The goal of Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system to help the person to self heal. It is a way of balancing the flow of energy through and around your body, removing any blocks that may be present. (Blocks may cause pain.) You remain fully clothed during the session, except for your shoes. You are covered by a light blanket as you lie on a massage table and become relaxed. A trained practitioner uses their hands to scan the area (or field) around your body and then continues to clear and balance your field. This is very relaxing, noninvasive and usually results in you feeling more energized.
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Mediumship Intensive Basic to Intermediate
Do you feel as though your deceased loved ones are around? Do you think you see someone out of the corner of your eye but no one is there? Do you �sense� the presence of someone? Do you catch the fragrance of a perfume or some other scent, when there is no one around and no way it could be there? Do you want to have a relationship or a better relationship with your Spirit Guides? Do you want to connect with Spirit? Two day intensive seminar where you will: Learn to sense spirit Connect with spirit Connect with your spirit guides Learn how to get and deliver a message Learn to raise your vibration to maintain the link with spirit Learn to identify details about the spirits life Learn signs and symbols of spirit communication Everyone will receive one on one time with Carole Grace to help with individual needs. You will have a very solid foundation to build upon! You will be giving and receiving readings on the first day. You will be amazed with what you are able to do! This is a great...
8 Weeks to a Soul Centered Life
8 Weeks to a Soul Centered Life $195.00 Add to Cart Course begins: October 6, 2019 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. This course is for beginners, as well as advanced meditators. 8 Weeks to a Soul Centered Life is based on Sarah McLean's book Soul Centered: Transform your Life in 8 Weeks Each week we will connect and delve deeper, as our awareness becomes more heightened, we become more connected to ourselves and others. We will gain a deeper connection to ourselves, to enable us to create a life we want. We will also learn what we no longer want in our life, which allows us to bring in more of what we do want. Sometimes in our lives we feel like we are missing something, but really, everything we need is there. We just need to learn to bring it to our attention by allowing other things to fall from attention. Do any of these things apply to you? You feel overwhelmed in life You question your actions and are s... If so, this class is meant for you!
Access Your Inner Guide
Early Bird Option Easy Pay: 2 payments of 132.50 = $265.00 2nd payment due on or before August 4th, 2017
Advanced Energy Healing Treatment
This is the creme de la creme: For two hours you get to deeply relax and release anything that is not for your highest good. Using various healing modalities to assist the body in self healing. To restore balance, clear blocks, release cords, attachments. I will/can use Medical Intuition, Quantum Healing and Energetic Transformations as well as other modalities
Access New Levels to Your Intuition and Mediumship Gifts With: Past life, Meditation, Hypnosis, Mediumship, and Ancestors .
A one-of-a-kind workshop, in which you will access past lives, ancestral knowledge, and family-of-origin belief systems in a context and structure that will enable you to shed past failures and create a bright and inspiring future. In this specialized workshop, we incorporate healing, which will help shift our energies to higher frequencies because we are clearing away a lot of old issues that no longer serve us. You will be training your intuition, and mediumship muscles to gain fuller, complete information for yourself and for others.
Mothers Day Special
One hour Mediumship Reading,
Intuition Development 8 weeks
Learn how to tap into your abilities to help you in your personal and professional life. This class will be rescheduled if not enough students. Learn what your signs are and how they help you to make more empowered decisions. Learn to fine tune your psychic abilities Learn about different tools to assist you in doing readings for yourself and others. Enhance your ways of sensing your intuition. Learn to trust your intuition Learn which Clair is your dominant Protection Build on ALL of your clairs See, feel and sense energy Remote viewing Telepathy Water readings Signs and symbols You will be able to do readings and you will be doing readings the first day. During this weekend intensive we will have a one on one reading so that I can give you individual attention. Most importantly you will amaze yourself with what you are truly capable of. I believe in teaching with humor and love. I also believe in hands on exercises so you will see how you are growing and how the information is coming...
Intermediate to Advanced Mediumship Workshop
Learn to connect on a deeper level, get more details, gain more confidence. Let internationally known psychic medium Carole Grace help you on your journey to better connections and advancing you to the next level of Spirit Communication.
Simple Easy Every Day Mediation
Do you want to get serious about learning to meditate? We've made it easy for you. In a half day class you'll learn all about meditation and mindfulness and what it takes to get your meditation practice going. The Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation? class can be held at your workplace, Carole Grace Burris is a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher with the McLean Meditation Institute. It?s a program that?s ideal for any level ?whether you are a beginning meditator, or want to get back on track with meditation and living a more mindful life. Meditation and mindfulness can lead to more inner peace, creativity, inspiration, harmonious relationships, fulfillment, better health, increased self-awareness, and so much more. Each of us has our own reasons for wanting to learn to meditate, and whether it?s that you want to create mental, physical, or emotional balance, or be more spiritually connected, you'll find this class will give you the tools you need. The class also includes: An Introduction t...
Mediumship Intensive Basic to Intermediate Grand Rapids, MI
2 days of intense training. To learn more visit
Access Your Inner Guide Early Bird Paid In Full
Early Bird Special of $249 ends on July 7th
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