Zéphyrus Informatics

We believe that helping organizations to excel in providing their services is a path to leveraging our service for global good. By excelling in our services, we enable you to excel in providing to yours.

Our mission is to empower the autonomy of individuals, organizations, and communities through the continuous curation of actionable knowledge.

To this end, we help organizations to network the flow of information essential to the responsive and innovative management of contracts, projects, customers, and product lines.

Zéphyrus offers technical writing and research, digital-media production and skills development, and information management services supporting the conscious curation of enterprise knowledge and the strategic cultivation of decision-support information.
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Our Services

Existing Client Tag-up
Request a tag-up to whiteboard new requirements.
Social Marketing Consultation
Answer a few questions so that we can gauge your current maturity level, and we'll help you to develop a strategic digital-marketing plan.
Web Development Consultation
Custom Landing Pages, Word-Press Administration, Full-site re-designs, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, UX
Other Consultation
Market Research? Technical Writing? Technical editing? We've got you covered...

Our Staff

Jaclyn McConnell