Meghan Margarette

Yoga, meditation, Reiki, mediumship, card readings, crystal healings, classes, private and group sessions.
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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Our Services

Initial Healing Session with consult
Session starts with a look at where you are mentally, spiritually and physically on your journey. How do you eat, sleep and work and play and how are these things affecting your health. Together, we will make a plan that best serves you. The plan may include some or all of the following: Reiki, meditation, yoga, breath work, and more.
Reiki Follow Up
Hands on energy balancing. We will take a look at where you may be out of balance and you will be given tools to use to maintain balance of body, mind and spirit.
Initial Card Reading Session
This is for you if you have never had your cards read before, with me or with someone else. I will explain how it works and ask you questions regarding your intentions for the sessions. I will guide you with a personal intuitive meditation that is meant for you. We will read cards from up to 3 different decks of your choosing.
Card Reading Follow Up
Let's check in and see how your last reading played out for you on your journey. Let's take a look at the areas in your life that need more attention today and moving forward. We will read from up to 2 decks of your choosing. Please book an additional card reading if you wish for more.
Additional Card Reading
An add on service if you wish to have your cards read from more than 2 decks.
Group/Family Sessions
Want to know how to support each other on your individual journeys? We will start with conversation and energy readings of all included. We will clarify everyone'e intention for the session. This session includes meditation, Reiki, mediumship and breath work.
Private Meditation
You can book this service for up to 3 people. I will help you set an intention for your practice and guide you through a meditation based on your needs. You will leave with tools to help you on your journey.

Our Staff

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