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Bowen Therapy
Bowenwork was developed in the 1950's by the late Thomas Ambrose Bowen of Greelong Australia. Bowenwork is a gentle non invasive technique. The 'bowen' move is performed over specific muscle, tendons, nerve, or ligaments, stimulating the autonomic nervous system to re balance. Addressing the body as a whole Bowenwork improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and enhances the assimilation of nutrients an elimination of toxins. Slight pressure is placed along the tissue to be addressed and after a hold of about 3 seconds a gentle rolling motion is done by fingers or thumb. A short wait time of about 2 minutes allows the body's integration and response. Anyone can experience Bowenwork, infant to the infirm. Some of my clients are as young as 2 weeks while others have reached 98. A session usually last about an hour.
Bowen Therapy half hour
Half hour session for adults for target specific issues.
Bowen for Baby and children
Bowen for Baby and young children is often a half hour session. Targeting any issues such as Tongue Tie, Colic or Torticollis . Since babies are ever changing, the need for the two minute wait time is not necessary. Babies often only need one to two sessions. This is a very gentle technique that results can be noticed immediately or over the following couple of days.
CranioSacral Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle non-invasive technique utilizing the spine from the head all the way to tail bone. Imagine the spinal column as a garden hose. CST unwinds that hose allowing the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) a better channel for flow. Removing the 'kinks' releases restrictions for nerves and translating to musculature.
4hr Practical Class
This class offers an introductory look into the world of Bowenwork. 5 basic Bowen procedures will be taught. The student will be able to utilize these procedures immediately on family or friends and enjoy the results and how this technique can change the way we take care of ourselves. Class also includes a workbook to keep and refer to at your leisure.
Reflexology is a foot and hand massage technique for those suffering from plantar fascities, ankle or foot stiffness etc. often without the use of lotions or oils applying pressure to feet and hands.
Somoto Emotional Release
Somoto Emotional Release often in conjunction with CST helps release emotional cysts or energy cysts that can form at the cellular level, holding the energy from an injury or traumatic emotional event. Trust between therapist and client allows these stuck energy patterns to release. Through touch permission and agreement are made for an SER release. An emotional response may accompany a session or come about later.
Massage is a technique utilizing pressure throughout the body, focussing on points of discomfort in an aid to release. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms. Lotions or oils may be used for allowing the skin more movement and in so doing a deeper pressure can be applied to muscle, tendon or ligament.

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