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DC Hair Stylist, Hair Salon & Beauty Retailer
Specializing in Wigs, Weaves, Cuts & Color.
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Our Services

Partial Relaxer
Hair trim ( ends only, basic)
Partial Weave Bonded
Partial pieces bonded in (glued). $20 per weft.
Weave Maintanance
closure or frontal tightening, rear partial braid tightening, thread repair.
Part. Foil
partial hair coloring foil process on a section of the head; ie. bang, hairline or top.
Balayage (hair painting)
hand painted hair coloring process
Cut (Only)
Haircut ( basic)
Wig Maintenance
Style T-up
Partial Color
Double Process
Full Weave Bonded
Full weave boned (glued).
Protein / Repair Treatment
Silk Press
Wig Cap Instal.
Partial Weave Sewn
Partial pieces sewn in. $25 per track &up.
Wig Braid
Relaxer Touch up
Touch up Relaxer (new growth only up to 2")
Rachel Kershaw Booth Rent
Wand Curls
Spiral wand curling
Treatment Protocil
Full Weave Sewn Traditional (FWS)*
Full weave braided down & sewn in, complete head. (hair not incl.)
T-up Relaxer
Relaxer root only.
Oil Treatment
Color Correct
Shampoo & style
Perm. Color (color only style not included)
Permanent hair color (single process)
Relaxer Full/ Style
Full relaxer, root to ends. (style not included)
Cut Tech
Relaxer "edges"
Dry Waves Long Hair
finger wave styles
Barber Design Cut
clipper design cut
Wig Frontal Install
Lace Closure Install (braids not icl.)
lace closure sew on
Partial touch up relaxer
Sides and nape
Partial Weave Sewn
(BW) Curly Natural 14 inch
(BW) Natural 16 Inch
(BW) Natural 18 inch
(BW) Natural 18 inch
(BW) Natural 22 inch
(BW) Natural 20 inch
(BW) #613 16 inch
(BW) #613 12 inch
(BW) #613 14 inch
Micro Links (BW) Natual 14 inch
Micro Links (BW) Natural 16 inch
Crochet Weave (hair not included)
Crochet weave installation. Basic install. Customizations are additional. *HAIR IS NOT INCLUDED *
Bridal & Event Hairstyles
Bridal and event hairstyles will include intricate styling and/ or hair accessories. Extensions, hair piece , etc installations are additional.
Flat Iron (Smooth/ straight)
Include s shampoo & conditioner And flat ironed smooth.
Silk Press
Wand Curls
Hair Color
Tech Haircut
Premium haircut using texturizing, thinning, notching, etc., techniques to create movement, volume, disconnections, trend styles, etc.
Balayage Hair Coloring
Hand painting hair color technique for seamless color transition. (DOES NOT INCLUDE STYLE.)
Double Process Color
At least 2 applications. Ex. Base color and toner/ direct dye. Etc.
Foils Full Head
Hair coloring technique for streaking, dimension, multi tone affect
Full Relaxer (relaxer only)
Applied to virgin / unprocessed hair, from root to ends.
Touch-up Relaxer (new growth only)
Treatments (variety)
Partial Weave Sewn-In
Weave Sewn-In Traditional (hair,cut &/ or style are not included)
Hair extensions with braided base, sewn in with minimal hair left out.
Demi-Permanent Color
Demi-permanent hair color .
Wig Installation
Application of wig with basic base, anchor stitch, lace trim, adhesive (if applicable), etc. **Style not included.
Wig Maintainance
Removal, cleaning of unit, client shampoo and braid base, re-installation, regular flat iron,etc. textured styles, wand curls, etc are additional.
Linked weave maintenance Only (per weft)
Tightening/ maintenance of linked extensions. Style not included. Price per weft.
Full Weave Take-out
Removal of a full weave sewn in.
Full link removal only
removal of braidless sew- in (micro linked process)
Shampoo and Blow Dry (no style)
Basic Shampoo, conditioner and blow dried straight ONLY. (Not a blow out)
Wig foundation only
Braid down foundation for installation of wigs.
Deep Conditioner Treatment
Deep Conditioning treatment processed by heat under dryer.
Exfoliation Treatment
Scalp exfoliating treatment for flaky/ dry scalp.
Dandruff Treatment
Treatment shampoo and/ or conditioner to treat flaky, itchy and/or dry scalp
Protein Reconstructive Treatment
Intense treatment for brittle, damaged and weakened hair. Good treatment to stop/ slow breakage due to chemically treated hair.
Hydrating Mask
Hydration treatment for dry/ brittle hair.
Hot Oil Treatment
Hot oil moisturizing treatment.
Moisturizing Treatment
Soy Moisturizing Treatment
Color Enhancing Shampoo
*Add-On Service only. Available for certain colors only Color enhancing shampoo treatment.
Partial Hair color only
Hair line only.
Vixen Sew in
Weave maintenance only
Tightening of closure and/ or threading, etc.
Add-On Service. Haircut ONLY, STYLE IS NOT INCLUDED.
Quick Weave
Molded and Bonded Extensions

Our Staff

Tinq Rich
A hair industry veteran, Tinq Rich specializes in cuts, color, weave and wigs. As a senior stylist, educator and business owner for over 15 years, Tinq continues to nurture her skills through continued education and advance training.