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Astrology A Look Inside was once the largest astrology group on MSN GROUPS back in the early 2000's. Capricorntigress brings almost 40 years of astrological expertise and knowledge. The readings are accurate as well as deeply spiritual.
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Our Services

Focused Reading - One Question
One Question Reading This is a focused reading. I focus on your ONE QUESTION and provide you with astrological information based on that question.
General Reading
General Natal/Transit/Progression based reading. Learn about yourself through astrology. See how the current planets could be affecting your life now!
Future Prediction Reading
Future Predictions This is best for people who have multiple areas of concern and need more than just a general reading. This is also good for those who simply want a better handle on what is happening in their future. This is a combination astrology, numerology and psychic reading. All predictions are subjective and there is no guarantee that one will or will not pursue all the possibilities that exists within their astrological chart.
Love Romance Reading
Love Romance Reading Learn about the love and romance opportunities (or lack thereof) that exists in your chart. If you want to determine if you are good with a certain someone, I will need that person's birth data as well as your own. This will insure that I get an accurate reading.
Career/Work Path Reading
Career/Work Path Reading We will discuss the hidden potentials and pitfalls that exist in your chart. We will go over the Natal, Transit and Progressed planets and signs in your chart as they pertain to money, career or work.
Free Mini Read
I will do FREE MINI READS for those who request one and tell me WHY they could not afford a regular reading. These are general readings based on things like basic birth data. This is simply an introductory reading to determine basics. I call these free reads but they start at $1, anything over a $1 is considered a donation.
Astrology 101 Class
Astrology 101 Class An online class where I provide you with detailed information regarding the basics of astrology. We spend the 2nd half of the class answering specific questions about astrology and how it affects your life. This is broken up into several meetings. The overall time allotted is about an hour or more. Classes may have more than one attendee and will be held via a Private Live Video Stream.

Our Staff

Adrienne Obey