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Simplify your Beaty routine! Natural looking gentle eyelash extensions & makeup artistry
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Our Services

Really Neat (full Set) Extensions
Our fullest set of luxurious long lashes!
Really Neat VOLUME Set
Volume lashes are so small we can put more on each lash, maximizing the amount of lashes you have without weighing you down! Like magic for the fullest fluffiest delicate neat lash look!
Pretty Neat (Petite Set)
A good way to try out lash extensions, with this set about 2/3 of the visible lashes are extended for a beautiful natural look. 1hr 45min - $100 (Note: if your lashes are blond opt for the really neat set instead;)
Pretty Neat VOLUME Set
A good introduction to volume lashes! They are so small and lightweight we can put 2-5 on each lash for instant fullness without heaviness.
Keep them Neat (Fill)
We recommended fills every 3 weeks to maintain the fullest neat lash look! $70
Keep it Neat VOLUME Fill
Keep the Volume up, keep that neat lash full look! Recommended approximately every 3 weeks.
Brow Tint
Tired of invisibrows? Or missing a few? We have many shades of brow tint available to give your brows a really neat boost! Raise some brows!
Lash Tint
Neat Lash Touch up
Makeup artistry
Email or call for pricing and availability
Lash removal
We can remove lash extensions with a product that gently removes the extensions while leaving your lashes intact. We can remove extensions no matter where you got them!

Our Staff

Kristi Rudisill, L.E. / C.L.T. / M.U.A.
Kristi's a certified Lash Tech, Licensed insured esthetician, & Makeup artist. Before Neatlash, she was a lash tech at Lashland where she enjoyed steady, loyal clientele, before that: an esthetician at an Aveda dayspa. She's passionate about lashes!