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Clients' choice of style. Every haircut comes with a straight razor finish on the neck except for Razor Fades and Head Shaves Please tell your barber if you are allergic to any products before we begin our service. Advice is always free. Haircut can also be less than 40 mins depending on texture of hair

$25 · 40 minutes


$8 · 15 minutes

Butch Cut

Single Clipper Guard Haircut all around. Clipper Guard #3 and lower

$20 · 15 minutes

Children's Haircut

Haircuts for children that are 12 years old and younger.

$20 · 40 minutes

Senior's Haircut

Haircut for people that are 65 years old and older.

$20 · 40 minutes

Neck Shave or Taper

This is a quick service. Taper: A mini fade around the neck area and the sideburns Neck Shave: Edge Up around the ears, and neck line.

$16 · 25 minutes

Head Shave

A hot towel straight razor shave on the head.

$30 · 55 minutes

Razor Fade

Straight Razor Fade. Shorter than your usual bald fade. Advice is always free

$30 · 55 minutes



Languages spoken: Chinese (Cantonese) and English.