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Ideal Barbershop is located in Grant Park, Atlanta. We specialize in Precision and Punctuality!
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Our Services

First Timer- 30% OFF(Read Description!)
This service is for first time clients Only. Book only this service, then add notes to explain the specifics of your haircut. Do Not add any other service. Currently Kelly, Carter & Jordon offer this discount.
Fade Cut(no face)
bald fade, shadow fade, taper/temp fade, blowout. This service does not include any trimming the face.
All Even Cut(no face)
buzzcut/caesar, no fading. This service does not include any trimming on the face.
Precise Cut (no face)
Mohawks, Afro, burst fade, pompadour, all trendy haircuts. $5 additional for razor line
Clipper Shave(face)
mustache trim, goatee, or beard trims
Scalp Rejuvenating Shampoo & Deep Conditioning
Before or after your haircut treat yourself to this experience! We twice shampoo with our Activated Charcoal Shampoo followed by a scalp massage. We then finish and lock in the hydration of the Deep Conditioner with a scalp steaming session. Your scalp will tingle all day long!
Simply put, we do it all! -Precise Haircut & Shave -Full Facial -Shampoo & Deep Conditioner -Scalp & face Steam Treatment -Hairline Color Enhancement(Optional) -Razor lining hairline & facial hair
Line Up (no razor)
includes lining of hairline and basic facial hair trim with clippers. $5 additional for razor line
Charcoal Mask Full Facial
This Service includes our custom 3 step steam facial process with your choice of a Charcoal facial mask or scrub! First we cleanse your pores of built up toxins, then we balance out your PH with an invigoration toner and lastly finish with an aromatherapy facial steaming!
Steaming Mini Facial
Quickly brighten up your look with a face steaming that will moisturize your face and/or beard! For this process we use an Aromatherapy Facial Steamer.
Precise Cut & Precise Beard trim
Service includes any precise haircut, beard trim/shaping, razor lining and mini facial with steam towel.
Precise Beard Trim
This service includes beard fading and shaping, razor lining and mini facial with steam towel.
Bald Head(clippers only)
Bald Head(Razor)
Classic Razor Shave(on face)
Child Cut(up to age 12)
$15-All even cut, $20-fade cut, $25 precise cut
Mens Eyebrow Trim
Service includes trimming of thicker eyebrows and shaping with a razor blade.
Ladies Eyebrow Arching
Service includes shaping and arching of eyebrows with a razor blade.
Color Enhancements
Add this to any haircut service. We use semi-permanent dye to give your hairline that Photo Shoot Fresh look! *This is Not a full hair coloring service, color is applied only to hairline.
Full Permanent Color
We use a permanent color dye to change the color of your hair. If you would like a color other than dark brown or black you must consult with your barber before your appointment and leave a note stating the color you’d like.
Complimentary Shampoo
We do a quick yet thorough shampoo and conditioning using a detoxifying Activated Charcoal Shampoo. Did we mention it’s on the house?!
Razor Line
We use a straight razor on your hairline to make your line last a bit longer.

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