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Our Services

haircut or hair-color 15 min, free consultation
Hair Extensions Consultation
in order to add human hair extensions to your hair we require a consultation and deposit before we will book any hair extension service
Haircut short
haircut service for short above the ear cut, includes consultation, shampooing and blow-dry
Haircut below ear to long
below ear to long haircut includes; consultation, shampooing and blow-dry
Haircut long mid-back
mid-back haircut, includes; consultation, shampooing and blow-dry
Children Haircut (10 yrs and under)
child under 10 years old, haircut service. shampoo is not included with this haircut, may include additional fees for extreme tangles
Haircut, Blow-Out, Hot Iron Style
the doo; haircut / wand style with a little extra.
Haircut w/ Waxing
haircut service with the addition of a lip wax or eyebrow shaping/waxing
Blow Out
shampoo, conditioning and blow out service
Beard and Mustache Trim
beard and mustache trim
Flat Iron Styling
shampooing with flat iron styling
Hot Iron or Wand Styling
shampooing with hot iron or wand styling note:this service will not be as polished as an updo style.
Updo, Special Occasion Hair
updo or special occasion hair note:please no do not book your bridal hair. we would like a consult before and time may take longer
Bridal Consultation
wedding consultation and bridal trial run note: call for pricing
Conditioning Treatment
formulated for your hair needs; conditioning treatment adding moisture, protein or shine to hair
Scalp/Hair Detox Session
removes residue build-up on hair or scalp from; swimming, well water, medication, and product, can be added to any service or stands alone
The Treatment
Full treatment service includes: cleansing and clarifying treatment, scalp treatment, deep conditioning treatment (depositing what your hair needs including moisture, protein, stabilizing bond structure in the hair), finishing your hair off with a blow dry if you would like. This service time will vary between 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. You will be put under a hooded dryer for a duration of this service. Add on idea Shine Treatment to make your hair glossy.
Shine Treatment
temptress shine treatment, fabuloso pro glossing treatment
Full Hair Color
full hair color service- all over color, hair color from roots to ends, this is not a color correction service, single formulated color application, no highlights or low-lights, this service is not intended for full head lightening
Full Color with Haircut
full color service with haircut, this service is not intended as full hair blonding.
New Growth Hair Color
new growth color service consists of one color application from roots to the line of previously colored hair, service has no highlights or low-lights
New Growth Hair Color with Haircut
haircut included with new growth hair color service
Highlight Color Weave
application for highlight/low-light color weave, highlights and/or low-lights added to the hair multiple colors may be added, for additional fee
Highlight Color Weave with Haircut
application of highlights/low-light color weave and haircut service, highlights and/or low-lights added to the entire hair multiple colors may be added, for an additional cost
Balayage/Ombre Hair Color
balayage or ombre color technique used to create your desired color
Balayage/Ombre Hair Color with Haircut
haircut included with baylage/ombre service
Hair Color Correction
consultation included, may take more than one appointment to get desired results while still maintaining the integrity of your hair hair color correction may include: altering undesired hair color, taking previously colored hair from dark to light, removing unwanted tones or shades from hair.
Platinum Blonde
6-8 hour service starts at $180.00
Extension Removal and Reapplication
removing extensions, cleaning/clarifying treatment, and reapplication of extensions, for an additional fee; color, conditioning treatments or haircuts maybe added to this service please book those appointments directly after this appointment or phone stylist
Permanent Wave (perm)
standard permanent wave chemically created curl and/or body in your hair
Permanent Wave, Specialty Wrap (Perm)
spiral curl, body wave, long hair permanent wave chemically created curl and/or body in your hair
Permanent Wave, Half-Perm
only top section of hair is permed
Eyebrow Waxing
shaping and waxing eyebrows
Lip Waxing
hot wax removal of lip hair
Facial Waxing
wax hair removal of chin, lip, eyebrow, facial waxing

Our Staff

Kristin Topel
Lora Burks
Melissa Watson
Nani Ramos
sara stalcup