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Microblading Consultation

Fee will NOT be applied towards your appointment.It is not required to have a consultation prior your appointment.

$200 · 15 minutes

Eyebrow Lamination

$300 · 30 minutes

NYC&LA- Microblading w Piret -$2000 + tax&fees

(!!!!! If you have an existing tattoo please email me prior making an appointment!!!!) NY&Miami-Touchup is scheduled on the day of your appointment.LA touchup is not included

$2,000 · 1 hour

NYC Microblading w Monica (Please select NYC Location)

Please make sure to choose NYC location on top of the page!!!!!!!!.You can find her work on Instagram

$1,500 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Microblading yearly touchup

Only for those clients who got their brows done by Eyebrow Doctor

$500+tax $500 · 30 minutes

Bottom Eyeliner w Monica

$500 · 1 hour

Top Eyeliner w Monica

$1,000 · 1 hour

NY-Brow Shape w Piret

Waxing and/or tweezing customized to your individual eyes and face shape

$200 · 30 minutes

Henna brow tint

Best suited for lighter hair.Henna tint darkens eyebrow hairs but not the ski

$100 · 15 minutes

Eyelash Henna

A custom blended vegetable dye to darken lashes. For those who work out or simply want to save time, it provides beautiful darker lashes without mascara. Tint can last anywhere from 3-5 weeks.

$150 · 15 minutes

Brow shape w Monica

$100 · 30 minutes

Brow shape and henna combo w Monica

$175 · 30 minutes

Brow Tattoo first touchup

Only for those clients who got their brows done by Piret or Monica.This is second followup visit 4-6 weeks after initial appointment

Free · 15 minutes

Monica Robinson

Piret Aava