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College and career advising for teens and young adults since 1998. Career testing, list of college recommendations, or hourly consulting (e.g., essay writing, admissions or scholarship application review, scholarship search and financial aid strategies, etc.).
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Our Services

Short Parent Call
Speak with Dr. Price briefly about your student needs and service offerings.
Introductory Appointment
In this onetime reduced fee session for prospective client families, Dr. Price will review your student's academic, extracurricular, and service records. General recommendations will be offered regarding college or career selection based on year in school. No college recommendations or scholarships opportunities will be shared.
Hourly Consult
Purchase an hour to discuss any of the following with Dr. Price: 1.) Guidance on creating an expanded resume or feedback/editing 2.) Admissions or scholarship application review 3.) Essay writing assistance: brainstorming for topic selection, feedback/editing essays 4.) Admission interview prep/mock interview 5.) Financial aid process overview or strategies to reduce college costs 6.) Career exploration/preparation conversation: relevant mentorship, internship, camp and/or employment opportunities 7.) Help comparing admission offers: colleges and/or aid packages
Career Testing (Step 1: Launch session)
Three assessments taken online and independently (2 hours), scoring, and review of the results with recommendations for majors and career exploration opportunities (1 1/2 hours) plus follow up email discussing top career options, exploration plans, and self-directed instructional unit on information interviews. **This short call is for families who have decided to move forward with career testing. Dr. Price will request student records and set up a timeline to results for your student (e.g., deadline for academic records and test completion, review session dates and times). Clients may pay with a credit card during this call or request an invoice for online payment.**
Career Test (Step 2: Results review session)
Select this option if you student has completed the online testing process and submitted their supplemental documents. Results review sessions are scheduled 2-3 weeks following the date of testing.
List of Recommended Colleges (Step 1: Launch session)
Student surveys with interview, advisor research, a list of recommended colleges in an online portal, and suggestions on how to lower the cost of college attendance (plus scholarship opportunities at select institutions). Recommendations presented 2-3 weeks later in an 1 1/2 hour section. **This short call is for families who have decided they want support in determining best fit college options for their student. Dr. Price will request student records and set up a timeline to receipt of a list of recommended colleges (e.g., deadline for academic records, date for student interview, date to review list of college recommendations). Parents may pay with a credit card during this call or request an invoice for online payment.**
List of Recommended Colleges (Step 2: College criteria interview)
**For client families who have prepaid for the list of recommended colleges.** Review student responses to college criteria questionnaires.
List of Recommended Colleges (Step 3: Result review session)
This date and time is booked 2-3 weeks following the student college criteria interview with Dr. Price.

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