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RAD & BLISSFUL is a wellness portal to an extraordinary life combining inspiration, wisdom and musings from yoga, mindfulness and Human Design. This fusion of knowledge is a simple guide to moment to moment self-awareness - the catalyst of any transformation. Ultimately resulting in radical and complete self-acceptance, a coming home to one's whole, integrated, authentic, and magnetic self.
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Our Services

Mini Reading at Four Moons Happy Hour
The mini reading can serve as an overview of your chart or you may ask a specific question. Some of the common threads that surface during a reading are: Connecting to and honoring your authentic self. Discovering your superpower and learning how to leverage it in your biz, collaborations, and creative projects. Most notably, bringing awareness to outside influences that tend to get in the way of your manifestation process and strategies to shake them off.
Complete Human Design Reading
Most detailed reading of the individual. Discover your strengths and how to amp them up, uncover your blocks and learn how to shake them off. Gain clear direction and step into your power resulting in the most magnetic, authentic, and ecstatic life.
Specific Human Design Reading
A quick reading perfect for a specific question or overview of career path, partnership, blocks, manifestation, shadow self, strengths, direction in life, insight into your significant other or kids design. This reading is great if you're familiar with HD and very comfortable with your Energy/Aura Type.
Composite Human Design Reading
A reading on two charts and their shared energetics. You'll learn what makes the 'sparks fly' in your relationships, as well as the sources of compatibility, friendliness, and challenges.
UNRAVEL Sessions x3
Support while you UNRAVEL from what the world told you to be. Offering this for anyone and everyone who desires guidance and support after an initial reading.

Our Staff

Ilona Barnhart
SIGN :: Fierce in the pursuit of radical bliss with Sun and Moon in Leo and ascendant Aries. Born on a New Moon in Leo. A Pure Manifesting Generator with 5/1 Profile empowering you to live your most rad and blissful life. Currently enjoying a minimalist beach life in Southern CA, Ilona is manifesting a self-sustainable container home off the beaten path with a retreat house for visitors, surrounded by mountain tops, tall trees, and a body of water.