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Under The Chin

aka as the submental area. This removes hair from below the chin and just above the neck.

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Eliminate unwanted hairs from below the bottom lip, on and under the chin, and along the jawline.

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Brow Tweeze + Thread

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Unisex - Priced equally

Free · 30 minutes


Cheeks will feel soft and smooth with this finishing treatment. Perfect for skin care product penetration. Great for make-up applications.

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An extension of the chin wax; hair along the jaw line, including on and under the chin is captured and removed leaving the area soft and hair-free.

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Men's Brazilian

Express Brazilian $64 Quick, easy, done! Have very little hair? Pressed for time? This service is fast and efficient enough for you to get in, get out, and get going. (Hair is removed everywhere in the nether region. Not recommended for shavers or depilatory cream/gel users because hairs will be left behind.) *No more than 20 minutes, if longer, will be assessed as a Full Brazilian. Mons Brazilian $80 Hair is removed from the shaft, scrotum, perineum and gluteal cleft, leaving everything on top untouched and fully grown. No hair is removed from the Mons Pubis/pelvic region.​ *max price $126 Basic Brazilian $80 Hair is removed from the following areas: entire pelvic area, perineum, shaft, scrotum. *max price $126 Full Brazilian $96 Hair is removed from the following areas: entire pelvic area, perineum, shaft, scrotum & gluteal cleft. *max price $142 Modified Brazilian $96 Any other preferences/specifications beyond the above options

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Select 2 of 4 areas for your personalized Duo service. Options: Shaft, Perineum, Gluteal Cleft, Scrotum

$50 - $64 $25 · 15 minutes

Under The Chin

$16 - $32 $8 · 5 minutes

Brow Enhancement

Brows become art; fill, highlight, define, and whatever else is needed. This add-on allows for extra TLC and pizzazz ensuring maximum fullness. This will give the eyebrow a more shapely, pleasing finish. Creating a fuller and bolder shape that is face-framing and stylized for your features. _________________________________________________ *Suggestion: Can be booked àl la carte or in combination w/ brow service

$16 - $32 $8 · 10 minutes

Brow Tint

Semi-permanently change the color of your brow hairs, giving them a stronger pigment and making them look fuller in the process. Adding tint can bring out your facial features in a way that looks great on every client. Tinting enlivens your brows with definition and greater detail. *Please specify color when booking: dark brown, natural black, light brown, or chestnut. *This service is tint only, does not include waxing or plucking.

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Wax is applied over the top (and bottom, if you'd like) of the lip, extending to the outward corners. Area will appear brighter and reveal a cleaner look.

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Undesirable hair growth along the ear is removed to client's specifications.

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Women's Panty Line/Inguinal Cleanup

Front - $20 Inner folds of legs and outer panty-line area, where the hip and leg meet; groin. Back - $20 The under folds of the buttock area. Front + Back - $40 Furthermost part of the outer panty-line area and any hair that peeks around the rear cheek area

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Women's Bikini

Natural Bikini Hair is removed from the sides, and lightly atop the panty line. Full Bikini A portion of the hair is removed from the top of the bikini line. The sides of the bikini line are waxed inward deeper than an average bikini wax. A small portion of the hair is removed from the vaginal lips, and a trim if needed.

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Women's Brazilian

Maintenance/Express Brazilian $64 Exclusively for existing Silk Body Waxing Studio clients. Book maintenance if your last Brazilian service (excludes Partial Brazilian) was rendered between 4-5 weeks previously. (Must not have shaven in-between appointments.) Full Bush Brazilian $64 - $80 Hair is removed from the labia and gluteal cleft leaving everything on top fully grown. ​​ ​ Full Brazilian $80 - $112 Removal of hair from the pelvic region and complete removal of hair from the gluteal cleft and labia. This is a thorough service ensuring all the hard to get hairs are eliminated. Partial Brazilian $80 - $112 Removal of hair from the pelvic region into a triangle, rectangle or a landing strip, plus complete removal of hair from the gluteal cleft (in between the cheeks) and labia. Precision in symmetry and shape is priority with this service.

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Pelvic Steam (Complimentary)

When steaming the pelvic region, the warmth of the vapor softens hairs, making them more pliable. The steam opens pores, making it easier for removal. (equally complimentary for men + women)

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Hair along the pelvic region, below the navel, above the groin.

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Hair is removed from the inner folds of the intimate region. (Hard wax is used for this service.)

$32 - $48 $16 · 10 minutes

Small of Back

Region of the lower back where the spine curves in at the waist. Compliments a glutes wax.

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Brow Wax

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Along the earlobes and inside the canal.

$22.00 $8 · 5 minutes


Remove unwanted hair in minutes, leaving the interior (nostrils) hair-free for up to four weeks.

$16 - $32 $8 · 5 minutes

Men's Brief Line Cleanup

Front The outer brief line area and any hair near and/or around the rear cheek area. Back Further most part of the inner folds of legs and outer panty-line area; groin, including some of the inner thigh. Front + Back

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Men's Brief Wax

Natural Brief $48 Hair is removed alongside the brief line as well as atop the brief line. Extended Brief $64 Hair is removed inwards further than the brief line as well as atop the brief line and inner thigh.

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List (in the "notes" section) 3 of 4 areas for your personalized trio service. Options: Shaft, Perineum, Gluteal Cleft, Scrotum

$64 - $80 $32 · 20 minutes


Self explanatory.

$32 - $48 $16 · 10 minutes


Hair is removed from the genital pouch.

$32 - $48 $16 · 10 minutes


Hair directly below the derriere, extending to the base of the gonads, is completely removed.

$32 $16 · 5 minutes


Hair on cheeks is removed. (Cleft not included.)

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Gluteal Cleft

The groove in-between the buttocks.

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Pelvis/Mons w/ Shape

Don't want it all gone? Keep some hair and groom it into a square, rectangle, vertical strip or triangle. Large to Medium sizes only.

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This wax tightens up the hairline and slightly below.

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Half Arm

Hair is removed right below the elbow, along the forearm, down to the wrist.

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Full Arm

Hair from top and bottom are removed; beginning right below the shoulder, extending down to the wrist.

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The hair on the shoulders and below the neckline is removed.

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Eliminate the need to shave underarms and streamline your morning ritual.

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Hair around the pectoral muscle is removed at the root, which will delay the reappearance as it grows back without stubble.

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Hair is removed from your entire abdomen, starting right below the breast/pectoral bone, ending just above the pelvis/mons pubis.

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Half Back

Results are amazing. Hair is removed from neck to mid-back or from waist up to mid-back.

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Full Back

Entire back is rid of unwanted hair; beginning from the shoulders, continuing below the small of the back.

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Half Legs

Hair is removed from above or below the knee, extending down to the ankle or above to the upper thigh.

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Full Legs

Hair is removed from the upper thigh area, down to the ankle, or from the knee to the ankle.

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Fingers, knuckles, back of palm.

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Jointed base of fingers.

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Hair atop of and alongside feet is removed, including toes.

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Full Body

Full Body Waxing ranges in pricing as well as areas. Not everyone's full body will be the same. Call 215-687-6698 to inquire or email for more details.

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Other = anything customer wants to add, not listed on the existing menu. Service rendered is calculated in five-minute increments. $8/5 minutes

Price Varies · 5 minutes


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