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General Questions - 360 Interviews or Inquiries

Schedule if you have a question or would like to have a short conversation with Randy Goruk about services or products.

30 minutes

Coaching Session - 30 minutes

To schedule a 30 - minute coaching call with Randy Goruk.

30 minutes

Coaching Session - 60 minutes

To schedule a 60 - minute coaching call with Randy Goruk.

1 hour

360 - Debrief Session

To debrief your 360 degree feedback survey results summary.

1 hour 30 minutes

Coaching Skills Training Course by ZOOM - 60 Minutes

Once your session has been booked - you will receive an email with ZOOM logon information.

1 hour

Podcast Orientation Conversation

Select if you are interested to learn more about participating in our 'Leadership and Learning Podcast' - 20 minutes.

20 minutes

Zoom Podcast Session - 60 Minutes

1 hour

Zoom Call with Randy Goruk - Any Topic

30 minutes

Consulting / Facilitation

Up to 60 - minutes for a call related to Consulting or Facilitation Services

1 hour


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