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Belinda Brows! (Eyebrow tint & grooming)

Starting off with a customized brow tint enhancing all those little brow hairs you didn’t know you had and giving you a fuller brow. Then using a variety of hard wax, threading, tweezing, and trimming to shape your brows into the perfect enhancement for your beautiful face! I design each and every brow shape to suit your personal style, lifestyle, maintanence level and natural brow growth.

2 Options

Eyebrows! - Waxing/Threading

I design each and every brow shape from your personal fashion style, lifestyle, maintanence level and natural brow growth. Using a variety of hard wax, threading, tweezing, and trimming to shape your brows into the perfect enhancement for your beautiful face!

2 Options

Lash Tint

Wish you didn’t have to wear mascara all time or on that tropical vacation where your mascara is just going to melt off anyway? Then this is what you want! Treatment typically lasts 3-8 weeks with regular maintenance.

$35 · 45 minutes

Lash & Brow Tint

Add color and boldness to your eyelashes and eyebrows at the same time. Treatment usually lasts 3-8 weeks with regular maintenance.

$60 · 45 minutes

Brow Tint

Eyebrows too light? Feel like you have plenty of hair but it just doesn’t show? You want your eyebrows tinted!

$30 · 30 minutes

Belinda Lashes! Lash Extensions

I strive to achieve that natural yet BOLD lash style. I want it to be like you’re wearing the most amazing mascara you’ve every worn, only better! Soft, fluffy, dark lashes that feel light and airy and look sexy and powerful!

$200 · 2 hours

ReLash - 45 minutes

45min ReLash - on average a 45min ReLash every 3 weeks in ideal to keep your lashes and the extensions happy, healthy and looking fluffy. This timing can be different depending on lashes and lifestyle! Please arrive with clean lashes. The removal of makeup will take up precious ReLashing time and will result in a $15 surcharge. 30min mini ReLash - best for a quick pickup before a special outing but not quite time for a full ReLash. 1hr mega ReLash - maybe you had to go a little longer between appointments or you had a bad week and were really hard on those lashes. It’s time for a major ReLashing!

3 Options

Consultation - Lash extensions

Free · 30 minutes

Lash Extension Test Patch

If you are worried in any way that you might have an allergic reaction to the adhesive used in lash extensions then you need a test patch done 1st. Don’t mess around with your eyes and just test it out first. You only get one set of eyes.

$40 · 30 minutes

Lash Extension Removal

Never pick, pull, or rub your lash extensions, if they bother you then have a professional remove them for you. Sometimes lash extensions just aren’t for you or maybe you just need a break for a bit and that’s ok! Just don’t do it on your own.

$50 · 30 minutes

Microblading - 1st Session

Microblading is a semipermanent cosmetic tattooing technique filling sparse brows in with fine “hairs” using a microblade. This technique draws individual hairs giving a very natural delicate look. You get 2 treatments with this service. The 1st initially treatment will consist of drawing and measuring out your ideal brows. Full Microblading and aftercare instructions. Your 2nd treatment will be in 6 weeks for simple touchup of color, fullness, and clarity to ensure longevity.

$650 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Consultation - Microblading

Let’s meet and see if we like each other. We can go over shape, color, texture, and if this is even something that is right for you.

Free · 30 minutes

Microblading Touchup

Microblading is meant to fade! I know at the time you don’t want it to and you ask why can’t it last longer, but allowing it to fade so your skin and muscles can change will keep your look updated and fresh. Keep those hairstokes looking sharp with a yearly touchup and even change up your color or style slightly. Depending on how much work has to be done will determine time/sessions are needed.

$350 · 2 hours

Microblading Touchup over different artists work

I get it. Sometimes you can’t make it back to your original artist but you still need a touchup or some alterations. I am here to help. Depending on exactly what needs to be done will determine price time/sessions needed. $150 per hour, 2hr minimum. A consultation is required.

$400 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Ear waxing

Yes it happens sometimes and you just gotta take care of it. This waxing includes the opening of the ear canal but not way down in there. You need those hairs for protection! And if it’s needed, I’ll tackle the earlobes and edges too.

$20 · 30 minutes

Armpit/Underarm wax

Pretty self explanatory but if you need more explanation please let me know.

$35 · 30 minutes

Arms - forearms waxing

From your elbows down to your fingers.

$50 · 30 minutes

Arms - full waxing

I don’t like to leave body “fuzz” lines so I usually am able to feather the line up to the shoulder to make it look like it naturally transitions.

$65 · 45 minutes

Bikini Wax

A basic bikini is just the sides! Basically enough to wear a standard bikini without worrying about random hairs creeping out the sides to say hi. I only use hard wax in this delicate area. Gentle wax for your delicate bits! Want to bring that line in a little further? The extended bikini is a thinner version of the basic bikini with a little labia and butt to slim it down a bit. So if you want to wear a skimpy bikini you shouldn’t have any hair peaking out. A brazilian takes it all off front to back or you can leave a bit in the front. I like to give the style option of a martini glass or just the stem if you get what I mean!

3 Options

Legs & Bikini Wax - full leg

3 Options

Legs - lower half wax

Mid knee down to your toes

$50 · 30 minutes

Legs - thighs/upper leg wax

Top of knee up to pubic hair

$50 · 30 minutes

Back wax - full

From the top of the butt all the way up to the base of the neck.

$60 · 30 minutes

Shoulder waxing

From shoulder blades up to the base of the neck

$40 · 30 minutes

Belinda Leybold

Belinda is a highly experienced brow and lash artist with a passion for personal care and beauty mixed with feminism and a refreshing take on beauty standards!