Fathers United Inc.

Non Profit Organization
Fathers United Inc desires to eliminate paternal alienation and fatherlessness by increasing awareness, assistance, and networking to drastically increase the participation of all fathers in every child’s life..
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Our Services

Coaching session
One hour phone or in person coaching session with Fathers United Inc. to discuss your case, pro se representation options and plans of action. The purpose of the one-hour coaching session is to provide YOU an opportunity to discuss your details and wants. Fathers United Inc. will take notes while you share your details, concerns, opportunities and needs to make sure we have a full understanding of your current situation and case. These calls are very important to Fathers United Inc. and we respect your time by being prepared and ready to talk and offer assistance and education. Fathers United Inc. expects the same respect and asks that you adhere to the following rules: • please do not schedule a coaching session if you have already retained a lawyer. • please reserve a time that allows you to talk in a quiet place • please plan to focus on the conversation (not multi-task) • please do not plan to talk while driving in your car

Our Staff

Fathers United Staff
Fathers United Inc. has helped 63 fathers improve their custody situation by representing themselves in court with a proven plan of action to support paternal rights.