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Most Natural Microblading in Indianapolis, Indiana. Celeste is a Registered Nurse who specializes in permanent makeup and dermal injections.
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Our Services

This service is an extremely natural hair stroke look. Microblading is great for clients who don't typically like to wear a lot of makeup on their brows.
Ombre/Powder Brow
This service is ideal for clients who want a filled in brow. This is a soft shaded brow. Not every client is suitable for Microblading, oily skin and older clients tend to do better with a Powder Brow.
Combination Brow
This is a combination of Microblading and Shading. If you have hardly no brow hair this is usually the service you will require. A combination of strokes with shading helps add density to the brow to make it look more natural in clients with little brow hair. A combo brow is also great for those who like the stroke look at the front of brows but prefer the body and tail of the brow more filled in.
Corrective Microblading
This service is if you have had previous Microblading from another facility that you are unhappy with, old permanent makeup you are unhappy with, or permanent makeup that has faded to an undesirable color. Not everyone is a candidate for a corrective Microblading session, some may require removal first. If you wish to book this appointment please text Celeste pictures of your brows at 502-693-9057.
6-8 Week Touch Up
This touch up is free only to those who have had Microblading at Indianapolis Microblading. Must be scheduled within 14 weeks or client is subject to Color Boost pricing.
Color Boost (Annual Touch Up)
This service may be booked as early as 4 months. Clients with oily skin or lighter pigments may require more frequent touch ups. Darker pigments may not require a color boost within the year. Typically clients schedule Color Boost 6-10 months after touch up appointment. To be eligible for the color boost pricing your Microblading has to be visible, if it isn't you may be required to pay initial session price.
Microblading and Microshading Training Deposit
This deposit must be made at time of booking your training, you may also pay in cash. Please call Celeste at 502-693-9057 at time of booking.
Microblading and Microshading Training
This is a 5 day in-depth Microblading and Shading course with live demos and models for students to work on. This course has all of the fundamental knowledge required to begin your Microblading career successfully. Total cost for this course is $3,000. A deposit of $1,500 is required at time of booking. This course may be paid for in either cash or credit.
Brow Henna(Tint) and Shaping
This service is great for clients who want to tint their brow hair. Brow henna lasts 2-4 weeks on the hair and about a week on the skin. If you are considering microblading this service is great without the commitment. Henna brows give you an idea of how you would look with brows mapped perfectly to your face and liking.
Brow Wax and Shaping
Lip Wax
Brow, Lip, and Chin Wax
Classic Lashes
Volume Lash Extensions
Lash Extension Removal
Lash Extension touch up. Not a Fill
1 week touch up
Lash Extension fill- 2-3 weeks
Tattoo Removal
Saline Removal, This is an extremely effective and gentle method of tattoo removal. *May require multiple sessions
Eyeliner Top and Bottom
Smokey Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement
Eyeliner Bottom Only
*This service is not performed on the waterline but on the lash line
Eyeliner Top Only
Eyeliner Touch Up
Beauty Mark
Henna Body Art
19XX tattoos
EST over everything!!!!
Day of Shadowing Celeste
Are you certified but nervous to get started on your own? Or interested in taking a hands on class? You will see how my day flows. You will see me perform client consults, touch ups, color boosts, initial ombre/ microblading and/or tattoo removal appointments. You will have the chance to ask loads of questions and with any down time we can work on latex together to identify areas you feel you are struggling with!
Advanced Ombre Brow Course
This is an advanced machine class, this course is only available to licensed artists. Certificate Included! Model Included! 2 day course! This course is discounted to former students of mine!
Lip Blush
Soft shading and definition to lips! Very natural!
Client Supervision
Have you finished a course that didn’t provide hands on training? Or are you still just feeling a little nervous? Do you have a client you who you think may be a challenge ? This is for you! Artists will perform procedure under Celeste’s guidance. I will be there to support and help you. This service is discounted to former students of mine!
Lip Blush 8 Week Touch Up
*Botox- Indianapolis Aesthetics
$11 a unit
*Lip Filler- Indianapolis Aesthetics
Lip Filler starts at $450 and can increase depending on amount and product used. *Package deals available for multiple syringes/areas treated *
*Under Eye Filler- Indianapolis Aesthetics
Starting at $900 *Package deals available for multiple syringes/areas treated *
*Jawline Filler-Indianapolis Aesthetics
Starting at $1,200 *Package deals available for multiple syringes/areas treated *
*Chin Filler- Indianapolis Aesthetics
Starting at $600 *Package deals available for multiple syringes/areas treated *
*Temples Filler- Indianapolis Aesthetics
Starting at 700.00 *Package deals available for multiple syringes/areas treated *
*Cheek Filler-Indianapolis Aesthetics
Price starts at 1,400 *Package deals available for multiple syringes/areas treated *
*Aesthetic Consult
Free consult with Celeste to assess your needs and discuss your individualized treatment plan.

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