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Increasing finance knowledge & wealth through planning, progress and preparation. Executive training sessions and services include: investment consulting, business & tax planning, college & career coaching, all founded upon financial literacy mentoring through passionate professional education. Coaching provided privately. Schedule a consultation today!
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Our Services

P3 Platinum Monthly Coaching Membership
Every successful money move takes two things...A plan & a guide. Become a P3 member and receive up to 2-hours each month in executive financial literacy coaching along with your customized 90-day P3-action plan! When you are ready to focus on growing your money, saving for college, securely protect yourself and family against unplanned financial events, change your short-term budgeting habits -or make goals of building wealth a reality; this is the investment that will grow your knowledge over time... **Coaching spaces limited each month, become a Platinum P3 Member today!
P3 Discovery Consultation
Struggling with a financial matter? The "P3 Discovery" Consultation is where we begin. Get a concise solution to approach your specific circumstance. Weekly phone appointments go fast...clients often book on a repeat basis! **Our most requested session. Discussion questions will help you discover: Your spending & savings style. Your 3 income & investment goals. Next action steps for financial literacy & clear recommendations...
P3 Executive Professional Planning
Let's have the Money Matters Conversation. It will change your financial life... Want to save for your future? Thinking of college for your children? Want to take a special occasion or dream vacation? Looking to eliminate debt? Get a private structured plan to achieve your financial goals. A Coach is here to assist you.
P3 College & Education Consultation
Academically focused discussion with Parent & Student: Review student strengths, scholastic profile based on transcripts and grades. Overview college plans, career goals, identify concerns, discuss financial preparation. Share next educational steps & professional recommendations according to semester timeline. Student: Assess student learning strengths, academic progress, college plans Parent: Overview goals, identify concerns, discuss financial preparation.

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