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Welcome to Uptown Medispa- Arrowhead. We are a Medical Aesthetics Practice located in Glendale, AZ. Our vision is to provide effective cosmetic injectables and skin care services with a focus on antiaging. Each service is uniquely tailored to our client’s individual characteristics and lifestyle.
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Our Services

Free consultation
Not sure what you need? Come in and let’s talk over your concerns.
Want to age well, preserve your vitality, and keep your professional edge? Botox may be right for you to treat those stubborn wrinkles and lines of the face.
Derma Filler
We specialize in soft natural looking lip enhancement. Our lip fillers are soft and flexible giving you the perfect smile and kissable lips. We also use fillers to treat deep creases, wrinkles, as well as loss of facila fullness.
Restructure your skin and take years off of you face with this highly effective service. Great for lines and wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and more. Results like none other.
Use your own blood to rejuvinate your skin and rebuild tissue to reverse scaring and the process of aging.
Chemical Peel
Brighten and tighten the complexion with a peel customized for your sink. Great for sun damage and clogged pores.
Classic Facial
Come in and treat your skin for a personalized facial mix or a mask that will rejuvenate your skin.
Derma Planning
Remove layers of dead skin cells as well as vellus (peach fuzz) facial hair. Skin is smooth and radiant. Makeup goes on flawlessly.
B12 Injection
FInd youself always feeling tired? Come in for a boast of energy with our B12 Injection. This treatment works by burning excess fat tissue and transforms it into engery your body can utilize to get you through your day.
IV Hydration
Replenish your body with IV Hydration!
Derma Club Facial
Follow Up
Galvonic Current add on to Facial

Our Staff

Nardin Hermiz