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Our Services

Mount & Go
Just the install and labor (mount provided by customer)
Mount w/ Hardware
This mounting service includes a fixed/tilt TV mount that supports up to 170lbs.
FREE Consultation
Schedule a time to talk to one of our techs about your IT concerns and services free of charge.
Tech Watcher Bronze
This tool is client facing and monitors your computer for issues that are known to cause common computer problems. It also gives you the option to easily contact us for assistance with any computer problem. You can use the alert and attempt to resolve your issue yourself, or any way that you please. The tool is very helpful with discovering computer issues before they hinder performance or cause a breakdown. It is totally FREE.
Tech Watcher Silver
A live tech will monitor your PC. When issues arise, a quote for repair will be emailed to you. If you choose to use us for repair, pay the invoice and let us know when you would like service.
Tech Watcher Gold
MAV provides a trained professional that monitors your computer and antivirus for issues, and manages the antivirus for you. When issues arise, you will be notified with a quote for repairs. You can hire us for repairs or get a second opinion from another company.
Tech Watcher Diamond
Our Managed Antivirus & Internet Security Package. It provides a trained professional that monitors and manages the antivirus, anti-malware, and internet security along with the OS security patches on your computer. This includes antivirus, anti-malware, internet security, and firewall. If you get a virus, we will remove it for free.

Our Staff

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