Kaktovik Arctic Adventures

Kaktovik Arctic Adventures is Alaska's premier ecotourism company; it is the first licensed polar bear, rafting and scenic tour company operating out of Kaktovik. It specializes in Polar Bear tours off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The village is home to a vibrant culture, wildlife, energy and abundant peace. Take to the the shores of the Beaufort Sea for your adventure of a lifetime. Alaska Native Inupiaq storyteller Robert Thompson pioneered Ecotourism on the north slope. He is a living legend among notable photographers, consistently booked years in advance by major new outlets, international production crews and celebrity journalists. Thompson is well trusted to guide clients using only the highest ethical and safety standards.

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Our Services

All Day Guided Boat Tour
Join Robert on an all-day excursion off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The tour begins at about 8 AM, has a 1 hour lunch break, then return to the water for an extra 3 hours. Approximate timeline is 8 AM to 11 AM morning session, 11 to 12 PM lunch, 12 to 3 PM afternoon session. Schedule may be adjusted for inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control.
Island Journey with Robert Thompson
Journey by land around Barter Island where polar bears roam free along the outskirts of this windswept Inupiat village along the coast of the Beaufort Sea.
Hourly Guided Land Tour, Staff
This is a land tour in the company truck staffed by another Kaktovik Arctic Adventures employee or B&B Inkeeper. Understand $105 per person per hour, one hour minimun.
3 hour Boat Tour for 2
6 hour Boat Tour for 2
1 hour lunch break

Our Staff

Kaktovik Arctic Adventures
USCG Captain Robert Thompson safely transports passengers in federal waters, off the coast of the Arctic Refuge. He also has unprecedented knowledge of Arctic animals and the region's delicate ecosystem. Climb aboard for your adventure of a lifetime!