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Facebook Consultation

Facebook clients (only) A 15 minute screening consultation (at no extra cost) with our doctor prior to exam date. After accepted as a client then an hour appointment will be scheduled for a full history and exam at a discounted rate of ($99). Don't forget to bring most recent imaging CDs and reports if you have any.

$99 · 15 minutes


Meeting with the doctor in person and letting him visually and physically inspect the areas of complaint. We also do phone consult which we are limited to visually and physically inspect but its doable. You can ask any questions at this session.

20 minutes

New Client Special

Do book a consultation prior to this session. (All NEW clients MUST be accepted as clients before they book the NEW Client Special. Complete history and exam Review imaging & reports Orthopedic/neurological findings & muscle tests Feet and posture evaluation Diagnosis Treatment plan

$159.00 · 1 hour

Existing Client (follow-up)

Follow-up treatment Update treatment protocol/s Chiropractic adjustment (optional)

30 minutes

Specialty Custom Orthotics

Gait & posture analysis Assess Feet & shoes Extremity adjustment Casting procedure

1 hour

The House Calls (initial visit is always higher in price)

We can come to you as long as you are within a 5 mile radius. Comprehensive history and exam, followed by myofascial treatments and chiropractic adjustment on needed basis.

2 hours


Dr. Alen Heshmat