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We are a professional, family-owned, full-service salon specializing in color-correction, texture treatments, make-up, and facial waxing. Established in 2010, we continue to better our business by maintaining ongoing education to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, implementing a recycling program so that 90% of our waste is redirected and re-purposed to help reduce our carbon footprint, and catering to our regular clientele with the Loyalty Program, which accumulates points that lead to free services! Customer service is a top priority at HP!
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Our Services

In-person consultation with strand-test if necessary.
Signature Blow-dry
Includes clarifying shampoo & light conditioner with full volume blow-dry and velcro roller set.
Signature Cut & Smooth
Includes smoothing shampoo, Keratin Shot, complete haircut/trim/reshape, blow-dry, and flat iron finish.
Signature Cut & Color
Includes any single-process color, complete haircut/trim/reshape, blow-dry, and velcro roller finish.
Signature Cut, Color, & Smooth
Try all of our Signature Services in one visit, includes any single-process color, Keratin Shot, complete haircut/trim/reshape and blow-dry with flat iron or velcro roller finish.
Long Haircut
Hair longer than shoulder length qualifies as long hair. Service includes clarifying shampoo, light conditioner, complete haircut/trim/reshape, and blow-dry finish.
Medium Haircut
Hair at shoulder length qualifies as medium hair. Service includes clarifying shampoo, light conditioner, complete haircut/trim/reshape, and blow-dry finish.
Short Haircut
Hair shorter than shoulder length, but longer than jaw length qualifies as short hair. Service includes clarifying shampoo, light conditioner, complete haircut/trim/reshape, and blow-dry finish.
Precision Haircut
Any short length haircut that requires angle-cutting, razor-cutting, or point-cutting techniques qualifies as precision hair. Service includes clarifying shampoo, light conditioner, complete haircut/trim/reshape, and blow-dry finish.
Men's Haircut
For men 18 and older, this salon service includes a shampoo with clippers and shears techniques, finished with a style (if desired).
Girl's Haircut
For girls 15 and younger, this service includes a clarifying shampoo, light conditioner, complete haircut/trim/reshape, and blow-dry finish.
Boy's Haircut
For boys 17 and younger, haircut includes shampoo, clippers and shears haircut, and style, if desired.
Color Correction
Any time color needs to be corrected, lifted, darkened, or a combination of those techniques, correction is necessary. When going from dark to light hair, color correction is almost always necessary. Seek in person consultation if unsure.
Virgin Hair Lightening
For hair that has never been dyed , going 3+ shades lighter. Solid color
Single Dimension
Choosing one color to dye the entire head of hair is referred to as single-process. However, the color must be darker or only one lever lighter than the natural base for it to be a single-process. Anything lighter than one level, would require lightenening (see double-process).
For hair to be lightened 2 shades or more than the original base color, a double-process is necessary. Using our vegan lightener, we lift the hair to the desired level (this is the 1st process), then once the desired level is achieved, toning or coloring is the second step to achieve desired look (2nd process). This is the price for a retouch on double-processed hair as well.
Retouch (2 inch non-grey)
When the roots of the hair are grown out up to 2 inches, a retouch covers the grown out portion. We color match to ensure a consistent color coverage. Service includes color-lock shampoo, light conditioner, blow-dry, and flat-iron or velcro roller finish.
Toner (a-la-carte)
Toners do not lift color, they simply remove unwanted or orange tones by neutralizing brassiness. This service includes toner application, shampoo, light conditioner, and blow-dry finish.
Two-Dimension (all over)
All over, two colors
Two-Dimension (crown)
Crown, two colors
Balayage is a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. Lightenening is required and a trim is recommended.
Brazilian Blowout
The most famous keratin treatment, Brazilian Blowout is used to smooth out frizzy hair. It will relax tight curls, but it will not straighten hair. Treatment lasts 3-4 months. A trim is recommended.
GK Smoother
The competitor to Brazilian Blowout, using Global Keratin, this smoothing treatment is applied, blow-dried, and flat-ironed to remove frizz and make hair styling more manageable.
The generic brand for keratin smoothers, Monaluce is a cost-effective alternative to the Brazilian Blowout. It has the same benefits as a high-end smoother, at a fraction of the price. Keratin is applied, blow-dried, and flat-ironed to last approximately 3 months.
Split-End Treatment
A Brazilian Blowout service, the Split-End Treatment is applied to the ends of the hair to mend broken ends for a healthier, shinier, and longer look. Blow-dry with flat-iron finish is included.
Classic Perm
This service is provided to add body and waves to hair. It creates volume and helps fine hair hold curls. Can also be worn loose and curly.
Oxidizing Perm
Similar to a classic perm, the oxidizing perm provides body, volume, and waves to hair. However, the oxidizing perm is a 2 day service. On day 1, the client comes into the salon, has the perm wrapped, and goes home with perm rods. After 24 hours, the perm naturally oxidizes with air and the client returns to the salon to have the rods removed. The hair is then styled and the service is complete. The primary benefit to this method is a natural looking curl.
Hair Styling
Any kind of up-do, curling, clip-in extensions, and formal occasion hair-do's require in person consultations and vary in price.
Amaxy Mask
Whether its hydration, scalp care, or repair, the mask is a luxurious add-on to provide a little extra TLC to your hair.
Color Shine
To refresh the shaft and ends of hair, a gloss is recommended, we call it a Color Shine. Color Shine's can be clear or tinted. This adds about 30 minutes to the overall service.
Reshape Cut
In between full haircuts, a "reshape cut" of the style may be needed. This service is offered only as an add-on when purchasing any other full service. It only adds about 15 minutes to your appointment.
Keratin Shot
A shot of keratin can be applied to the hair after a color service, or before a haircut to infuse natural protein into hair. This add-on makes hair more manageable and reduces frizz for 3-4 weeks.
Double K-Shot
When more keratin is needed for thicker or longer hair, a Double K-Shot is recommended for 3-4 weeks of more manageable hair.
Make-up Trial
Make-up is professionally applied by our in-house make-up artist, using our in-house brand, Descartes Cosmetics.
Our guarantee ensures complete satisfaction to the specifics agreed upon prior to service rendered. If a re-do is necessary, client has 7 days to redeem guarantee at no cost to her/him.
Basic facial
Anti-aging facial
Mother’s Day Promo Haircut, single process, toner,and hand paraffin Exp May 31, 2019
Grey-Coverage Retouch
Single process, 2 inch regrowth with 50% + grey
Pre- Light Retouch
Any solid pre-light 2 inch regrowth
Makeup Application
Full face of makeup,using Descartes cosmetics, with lashes. Guaranteed to last through the night
Extra Long Haircut
Hair longer than shoulders including shampoo, condition and blow dry
Two-dimensions (half head)
Half head two colors
Men’s haircut
For men 18 and older, this salon service includes a shampoo with clippers and shears techniques, finished with a style (if desired).

Our Staff

Alex, our Salon Manager and in-house Makeup Artist, has a background in entrepreneurship. With a Master's Degree in business, she ensures that our salon provides the best value in the area. She also created our in-house cosmetic line, Descartes Cosmetics.
With over 30 years behind-the-chair, Anna brings expertise and professionalism to anyone who sits in her chair. As the founder of Hair Philosophy, Anna holds herself to a standard of perfection and takes classes regularly to sharpen her techniques.
Sophia is in her 4th year of hair dressing and has worked under highly specialized professionals in lightening techniques. She has assisted in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Malibu under qualified mentors and brings her skills to our Montebello salon!