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We have been teaching ballroom, latin, swing, and country dancing since 2001. We teach couples, singles and accept everyone to our studio. We hold group classes, private lessons, and studio parties!
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Our Services

Introductory Private Lesson
Want to try it to see if you like it? Start with an intro lesson. Our instructors will show you the basics of lead and follow and introduce you to a varsity of different dance styles.
Private Lesson
Ready to make it happen? Learn any style of dance at your pace at your level. Price is the same for a single or couple. This is great for learning how to dance at a wedding or just learning the awesome skill of dancing! Make it you new hobby with private lessons!
Youth Private Lessons (ages 12-18)
Same great private lessons for our younger students who want to learn ballroom, latin, swing, or country dancing!
DJ Services Free Consultation
Looking for a DJ that knows a thing or two about working the dance floor? Omaha Ballroom offers a DJ service like no other. We can help you with your ceremony, reception, and your holiday party! We work hard to get to know our clients and help them every step of the way!
Private Group Class Instruction
Enjoy a private group class for you and your friends (up to 10 people). You pick the appointment time, the dance style, and the level at which the instructor teaches.
Studio Rental Tour
Looking to have a party at Omaha Ballroom? Come see our space and meet with our owner!

Our Staff

Elizabeth has been teaching and competing in ballroom, latin, swing and country dancing for over 18 years. She founded Omaha Ballroom dance studio at the age of 24 and is running the studio and teaching full time. She is currently competing all over the world and after training in intermediate line dancing for one year she placed 2nd at the 2019 UCWDC Worlds Country Dancing Competition in Nashville. Dancing has been her passion since she was 5 years old, she discovered it when she started ballet dancing at her aunt Susan's dance studio. Elizabeth is well known in Nebraska for her charity work as the creator of "Dancing with the Omaha Stars." "There is no better job than being a dance teacher, seeing the impact it makes on me and my students is the best reward!"
Emma Gauthier
Emma began her love for dance at the young age of 6 years old. As a little girl she loved to dance, but only behind closed doors. As she grew older, her passion for dancing grew, but her lack of training held her back. After seeing a ballroom dance class at her university, she decided to take a chance and sign up. Through some trial and error, she managed to not only learn the steps, but find her own rhythm to the music. Until that fateful day at a coffee shop, when Emma met Elizabeth, she never thought she had the potential to become a dance instructor. What started as a simple coffee order, turned into a dream come true. Now Emma is excited to share what she has learned with others, so that they too can find their own rhythm. After all, life is too short to dance behind closed doors.
I am a Venezuelan dancer, I started dancing line salsa when I was fifteen, I loved it so much I performed with different salsa academy’s and then found out about Rueda Casino, another form of salsa. I reached master level in Salsa Casino. I also started dancing bachata at a young age. In my spare time I also am a Zumba instructor . I have been a certified Zumba instructor for 3 years now. Dancing and teaching people is definitely my passion, I love making my own choreography’s and help making them for quinceañeras and other events.
Sarahí has been dancing her whole life. In elementary school she started with ballet and tap, and during university began getting more involved in ballroom. Dance is her getaway where she is happy and hopes to spread that joy to others.
Tara began her dancing journey in Junior High with the styles of Country Swing and Line Dancing at Plamor Ballroom. Soon after, ABC's Dancing with the Stars caught her interest in ballroom dancing later nudging her to join the University of Nebraska--Lincoln's ballroom dance team. Tara's love of dance soared with self-choreographed Waltzes, Viennese Waltzes, and West Coast Swing routines. She even incorporated dance into a few Cornhusker Football Marching Band halftime performances. Beyond the college experience, Tara choreographed student grade level performances based on popular musical decades, video games, and television theme songs. Every November, she revisits one of her favorite routines with her husband... their first dance. "I love the person I become when I dance, telling my story in a powerful way with the connection built with my dance partners."