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I think that a lot of clients leave salons unsatisfied and I don't think a lack of talent is the issue. I think it's communication related. So I made it a point when I started this career, to make sure that I make every effort to understand exactly what my client wants, what they don't want, what would be best for them. That's my promise to my clients. As long as I understand what you want, as long as it's reasonable, I'll do everything I can to get you there. No BS, no misleading statements, or unrealistic promises just to take your money. I won't be selling you things you don't need, even if you ask for them. Because I want to be what I think is missing in this industry - integrity, efficiency, communication. Just have peace of mind knowing that I want you to look your best as much as you do, and I refuse to put my name on anything I'm not proud of.
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Our Services

Includes a wash, cut and blowdry
Root color
Root color touch up for up to 3 inches of growth starts at $85. It includes 1/2 tube of color. Touch ups exceeding that amount of product are subject to extra charge. A blowout is also included. If you’d like to skip the blowout, let us know and we can give a discount accordingly.
Blowout - simple
Wash and blowout. Doesn’t include teasing or curling or extensions.
Blowout and style
Hair blown out with some curls, and some teasing if needed. Extensions: Additional $10
Hair and makeup
Color: single process all over color
One color all over. If transitioning to a new color for the first time, you may need a second coat or a glaze - this will be an additional $30 (we will always let you know beforehand if your total due is any different than what you booked for).
Highlights (full) / balayage / Ombre
Any foiled highlight technique starts at $250. Toning is included, but a root or base color is not. If you’re a first time client, pleas Send me photos of your hair in its current state and photos of what you want to achieve. Also a little color history so I know what’s safe and possible.
Highlights (partial)
Only the top/crown of head, may include a few foils on the side, and 2 rows in the back.
Toner / glaze
Includes toning, cellophane, glaze. This is done for a sheer coat either for shine or tonal adjustment. We first wash your hair to get the cuticles open, and so the color goes on sheer and not blotchy. Then we apply the glaze and you either process at the bowl or under the dryer, depending on desired result. This doesn’t damage the hair because it’s not lightening, just for shine and tone. Doesn’t include blowout. Please select “addon blowout service” if you’d like one. It’ll be at a discounted rate.
Treatment / masque
Deep conditioning treatment or hair mask for repairing, adding shine, conditioning and softening hair. I recommend doing this once a month for colored hair, once every 3 months for virgin hair. Doesn’t include a blowout, but you can add one for $20.
Travel fee
Starts at $50 for services within 30 minutes/20 miles from the salon.
Bridal hair and makeup
Includes wash, blowout, face sheer mask, bridal full face makeup with contour and lashes. Bridal hair with veil placement, headpiece, extensions placement, sponges, etc.
Bridal hair
Bridal makeup
Bridal Trial hmu
Bridal Hair Trial
Bridal Makeup Trial
Updo - non bridal
1. Does not include a wash or blowout. Please come with clean smooth hair. 2. If your hair is very thin, very oily, very curly, or very dry, or has any other exception please text me for specific prep instructions. 3. If you have photos of what you’d like, please text me in advance so I’m prepared.
Down do - special occasion hair
It's more than a blowout, but it's not an undo. But it'll still last all day (and maybe all weekend if you party less vulgarly than some).
Makeup (Non Bridal)
Skin Prep Consultation and analysis Foundation, concealer, setting powder, contour, bronzer, blush, highlight, brow filling, eyeliner (specify), eyeshadow, lashes, lips, mascara, setting spray.
Makeup: Super Glam
Basically, its everything included in the regular makeup session, but if you really want to go all out. Like if it's your engagement party, an important photoshoot, or just a night of extra glam. Costume or Halloween makeup would be included here too. As would the girl who wants extreme contour, yes you... I know you want an extra set of lashes too.
Extensions consultation
I like to do the consultation at the hair shop so you can see the hair in person and we can see what works best for you. If we decide to proceed we can also just buy the hair on the spot and make sure it’s a perfect match. If you decide to proceed with extensions, this price is waived And applied towards extensions. If you just want a consult, it’ll be $25 to pay for my time out the salon. I really prefer not to do the extensions consultation at the salon because we need the hair to thoroughly evaluate for each client’s specific scenario.
Extensions: keratip
Keratip individual extensions. About 200 meticulously placed extensions. This results in a very natural flow, and the range of motion is optimal (meaning you can do a high bun too if you wanted). I don’t recommend this for anyone who has very thin hair, oily hair, or a very active lifestyle (if you’re sweating at the gym every morning.... they’re not gonna last). We Do a consultation first. Prices also vary base on desired length, volume, complexity, and even color. The price for extensions includes: 1) a consultation, the hair (I go with you and I pay for it) 2) a maintenance kit (shampoo conditioner, leave in conditioner, serum/oil, and a special brush), 3) extensions application service 4) haircut to blend the hair seamlessly (using my heated razor technique that leaves no line of demarcation and doesn’t effect the overall length) 5) styling of your choice (down-do) 6) and removal is free. Touch ups are $100/hour and I’m generally done in 1-4 hours depending on the method and frequency.
Extensions Haircut / Blending
If you bought clip ins that just don't blend, or if you've had extensions installed but they look too obvious, bulky, choppy, or long. I do a dry cut to blend. I ask that you come with dry straight, clean hair (both yours and your extensions), so that the cut is most efficient and accurate.
Extensions Touchup - 1 hour
1 hour is enough for about 30-90 individual extensions. 12 tape ins 1 step weft full or half set
Base Color (in addition to highlight services)
If you need to highlight your hair, but also want change your base color too, add this service to the highlights. Generally root color ranges from $85-100, but as an add-on service to highglights/ombre/balayage, it's at a discounted rate.
Eyebrow Service (Waxing)
Using only the finest wax, a specialist will shape your eyebrows by waxing your brows. If needed, your eyebrows will be colored and filled in with the best beauty products on the market.
Consulting Services
Consult our specialist regarding any questions that you may have regarding our services, products and much more.
Bridal touch up service
Evening touch up of brides hair and makeup
Bridal touch up
Extensions removal
Itip extensions
I tip

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