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"Free Phone Chakra Consultation"

If you're new to the world of Chakra and not sure which service is right for you or where to start, let's start with a FREE CONSULTATION. You can tell me what you're experiencing and I will recommend the right session for you. No requirements. No judgement. Go right into a chosen session, book for a future date, or walk away if you're not feeling it. It's all good.

Free · 15 minutes

Reflexology Session ~ Outdoor in a sacred natural space

This is like a wonderful foot massage; however, it's very intentional and healthy for energetic support of your organs, tissues and internal health overall. Performed outdoor in a sacred natural space, this Reflexology Session is $25 for 20 minutes.

5 Options

Sound Bath ~ Outdoor in a sacred natural space

Enjoy a peaceful Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath in a soulful outdoor atmosphere. Relax and fall into the healing sounds of 4 beautiful authentic ancient seven metal singing bowls while your body's energy becomes aligned and centered. Additional sound instruments may be used ~ various drums (including ocean), shakers, tuning forks, kalimba, rainstick, shruti box and/or voice chanting.

4 Options

Guided Meditation Journey ~ Outdoor in a sacred natural space

Guided Meditation is a beautiful relaxing experience offered in a soulful natural space. Journey through various atmospheres for purposes of peace or healing. You don't have to do anything here, just listen to the sound of my voice and let it guide you. Only requirement is to be open in mind, body, soul to experience your unique meditation adventure. This Guided Meditation Journey is $55.00. Choose your journey.

5 Options

Chakra Oracle Card Reading ~ Outdoor in a sacred natural space

This session is available via in person (outdoor in a sacred natural space), phone or zoom. This is totally all about YOU; your strengths & weaknesses, your belief system, your childhood programming, family dynamics, history, gifts and/or possible wounding/trauma. To belief in the magic of your own sorcery is the only requirement. A Chakra Reading is the most honest, true, profound view imaginable into your soul. This is a General Chakra Reading Session is $55 per 60-minute session.

Starting at $55 · 1 hour

Chakra Reiki ~ Awaken, Balance & Cleanse Session ~ Outdoor in a soulful natural space

Performed outdoor in a soulful natural space this Reiki Energy Chakra Awaken, Balance & Cleanse session is where I awaken, balance and cleanse each chakra. During this process I will help to release the energy that is no longer serving for your highest good and embracing the energy which does serve for your highest good. Any messages that come forward from the chakras during this session will be communicated to you at the end of the session. This soulful Outdoor space Chakra Reiki Awaken, Balance & Cleanse Session is $111 ~ Included in this session is aromatherapy. ADD ONS for $20 Each: ~ Start this session with a Guided Meditation to relax your mind, body, soul before your Reiki Session; ~ Include a Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath to your Reiki experience; and ~ Finish your session with the amazing loving, supportive feeling of Reflexology.

4 Options