Natural Wellness Center / Centro de Salud Naturista

Weight Balance and Inch reduction / Perder peso y reducir medidas

Health Assessments / Evaluaciones de Salud

Vitamins and Supplements / Vitaminas y Suplementos

Therapies / Terapias
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Our Services

Hour Session
Massage/Masaje 60
Massage / Masaje 90
Wendy Johns Coaching and Reiki
Youthing, Anxiety and Reiki/Crystal/Access Session
Reiki with Matt McHugh
Session with Quita Rose
Set up an appointment with our Aromatherapy Specialist to evaluate the best options according to your needs
Slender Toning 30 MIN
Passive exercise equipment allowing to reduce inches, improve muscle tone and relive stress with minimum effort. Gimnasia pasiva que permite reducir medida, mejorar el tono muscular y aliviar el stress con el minimo esfeurzo. Remember "No pain no gain....." now "no sweat, better yet!!!"
Bio Magnetic Session
Balances pH, in the body bringing wellness Non Invasive
Ear Candeling
Ancient technique taught by South American Indian's to flush debris from inside the ear. Using linen cones covered with bee's wax it's a tradition to help relief pain and inflamation.
Auricular Therapy / Aurículoterapia
Ionic Foot Spa for one person
Ionic Foot Spa for two people at the same session
Non-invasive test on saliva and urine to analyze and identify biochemical dysfunctions in your body, allowing the creation of a perfect set of personal lifestyles recommendations. ~~~ Prueba no invasiva en la saliva y la orina para analizar e identificar disfunciones bioquímicas en su cuerpo, permitiendo la creación de un conjunto de recomendaciones perfectas de estilos de vida personales.
Zyto Compass Evaluation
This technology enables to understand your biological needs through measuring your galvanic skin response, offering information that can help you make better decisions for your health. Discover what supplements, vitamins, minerals and detox your body need to rebalance it back to health ~~~~~~ Esta tecnología permite comprender sus necesidades biológicas a través de la medición de su respuesta galvánica de la piel, ofreciendo información que puede ayudarle a tomar mejores decisiones para su salud. Descubra qué suplementos, vitaminas, minerales y desintoxicación su cuerpo necesita para reequilibrarlo de nuevo a la salud.
Gift Certificate ~ Certificado De Regalo
Gift Certificate ~ Certificado De Regalo
Colleague To Colleague Exchange
This space is used when bartering Este espacio es para hacer intercambio profesional de servicios
Business Meeting
This is space is available to build business and support Este espacio es ofrecido cuando alguien desea ofrecer un producto o apoyo
Nature's Sunshine Products
Inquiries, Place orders and Purchases Preguntas, Hacer pedidos y Compras
Legal Shield
Before having your service please let us know with anticipation if you are able to give an offering instead of regular prices. Our philosophy is to not turn away a person in need and that we can help. Give what you can afford, we ask for a minimum of 3 or 7 coins. If you can give more, please do, but whatever you can truly afford is perfect. Know that your offering goes back into Kanti Wellness Center.
Package paid in advance 30 days
4 sessions in building 4 phone calls
30 min
Packaged paid in advance
Packaged Paid in advance hour session
Hour session paid in advance

Our Staff

Ivonne Lagunez
Believes in the Power of auto healing through proper guidance in Nutrition, Supplements, Movement, Breathing and Attitude. Lives her life enjoying the different flavors of God through different traditions, applying them into her Meditation sessions. Born in México and raised in USA, actually living in Kentuckiana area, taking care of her Father. Mother tongues: Spanish and English. Speaks mostly Spanglish ;) Natural Healer, has used over 30 years, different techniques in Life Coaching. Certified Natural Health Professional, Reiki Master, Energy Medicine, Meditation guide, Therapist with Magnets, Massage, TENS, High frequency for pain release, acupuncture with no needles, stress, body sculpturing, Bach Flower Remedies, REAMS, pH and Dry Blood Cell tests and Star Manager for Nature’s Sunshine Products. Applies crystals, tuning forks, and diverse methods studied with Masters from around the World.
Mathew McHugh
I started off my Reiki adventure in 2013. Master Level in Usui Reiki from The ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training) and also Master Level in Kundalini Reiki through Jenny Reagan. I have been at Kanti Wellness since its inception in 2015. I’m am an avid outdoorsman and love to be in nature. I assist people in all aspects of healing their own bodies and minds through Reiki and guiding breath work to teach people how to stop thinking and start feeling again. The light touch the Reiki uses is different from traditional massage. I use the body’s electrical system (Chakras, Meridian lines, and Nadi points) to help jumpstart this healing affect. This healing will help in balancing the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of oneself. Also physical healing can occur as a nice side effect. Reiki compliments any traditional western medicine and is noninvasive. Think of a traditional massage is for the muscles, where as Reiki would be “A massage for the soul”.