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Our Services

Hair Cut
Apprentice Hair Cut
Lower Cost Hair Cut by our apprentice. Checked by Barber before the hair cut is finished.
Cody kids cut
Clients of Cody
Cody shave
Cody beard trim
Kayleen Haircut
Kayleen Haircut and beard trim
Kayleen Beard trim
Kayleen kids cut
Beard Trim
Quick Clean up and shape a beard. If you think your beard needs more time please schedule a hair cut and beard trim. *****Note***** If you're not sure or want a shave please book a haircut.
Old School straight razor face shave
Hair Cut and Shave
Hair Cut and a Face Shave
Hair cut and beard trim
Need your beard cleaned up too? Book this one for a hair cut with a beard trim
Trim up (Neck and Around Ears)
Neck shave and around the ears. Book this if you have an interview or got a date and need to look just a little bit better. It's a quick trim up.
Beard line up
This is just you you guys who have your beard looking good who just need those lines looking crisp come in and have us put those straight razor lines in for you
Apprentice cut with beard
Cody hair cut
Hair cut with cody
Cody hair/beard
Cody only

Our Staff

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