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Specializing in facials, advanced skin treatments and laser hair removal.
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Our Services

Book a consultation experience face mapping analysis where we can discuss your skin care concerns and goals. We can also discuss permanent hair reduction and I will perform a free test spot.
Virtual Skin Coaching
Skin consulation via phone or Skype. We can discuss your skin concerns, routine and goals.
Microneedling Scar Treatment
Hypertrophic scars are raised, red and hard. Hypertrophic scars may be treated safely and effectively with Dermapen. Treatment using fractional dermabrasion causes mechanical breakdown of the abnormal collagen mesh work in the scar. Micro injuries to the dermis produce a new healing cascade, releasing matrix metalloproteinases which help remodel scar tissue. A conservative and multiple treatment approach will be used.
Product Purchase
Dermalogica Retail Products available for purchase. Please call ahead to product is in stock.
ProSkin 60 - Customized Facial
Allow the skin therapist to customize a 60 minute skin treatment appropriate for your skin on the day that you come in. A different treatment every time!
Lux 90
Take your time...extended 90 minute version of our customized skin treatment with more time for extractions, modalities or masques.
Multivitamin Power Facial
Brighten, tone, lift and firm the skin with a vitamin packed skin treatment including, peptides, AHAs, retinol (vitamin A), salicylic Acid and a high performance, ultra-stable, micro encapsulated vitamin C. Includes Vitamin multivitamin cream masque or vitamin C alginate masque.
Pore Perfection Acne Clearing
This medicated clearing facial focuses on purifying your skin with a deep cleanse and extractions while helping to prevent future breakouts. It is recommended for an acne prone skin and congested pores.
Exfoliate, infuse, oxygenate. Hydradermabrasion and pore cleansing with H2O vortex technology, plus a concentrated oxygen and antioxidant infusion. The ultimate in hydration. Perfect treatment to do before a big event!
Deluxe Microdermabrasion Facial
Customized skin treatment with Diamond Microdermabrasion mechanical exfoliation to minimize fine lines, scarring and surface pigmentation. Not suitable for active acne.
ProSkin 30 - Targeted Treatment
This 30 minute treatment will target your main concerns. Quick fix in between your monthly treatments. We can zap a breakout, target dehydration or soothe inflammation.
Microcurrent 'Lunchtime' Facelift
Gentle electrical microcurrents will stimulate collagen production and remodel tissue to reduce fine lines and loose skin.
Oxygen Micro Glow
Fine diamond gently resurface the skin to decrease fine lines, scarring & superficial skin imperfections plus concentrated oxygen & antioxidants will leave your skin glowing.
Power Pro Peel 30
These wonderful light depth chemical peels are customizable and safe on most skin types and help conditions such as dryness, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation. Peels help to stimulate & tighten skin with immediate results and little downtime.
This advanced treatment incorporates personalized exfoliation to gently resurface the skin, soundless waves to enhance product penetration and Light-based therapy to create visible improvements in the skin, all in a soundless and sightless environment making this the ultimate sensorial experience. This treatment is out of this world!
Photofacial - Face and Neck
IPL Intense Pulse Light treatment removes and heals damaged photaged skin while stimulating collagen production, constricting blood vessels and diffusing redness while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Microneedling Face
Microneedles pierce the outer layer of the skin causing it to produce more collagen and new skin. Great for scarring, large pores and loose skin.
Energi Lift and Sculpt Facial
For lovers of all that is high tech health and beauty. The skin therapist will customize a skin treatment including any combination of hydradermabrasion, microdermabrasion, RF, microcurrent, ultrasound, LED, high frequency and oxygen infusion. Focus is on lifting and tightening the facial muscles, stimulating collagen production and improving skin tone.
Advanced Renewal Peel
Glycolic acid peel reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles
Laser Hair Removal Small area
Upper lip 50 Chin 50 Chin and neck 80 Nape of neck 80 Hands and Fingers 50 Feet and Toes 50
Laser Hair Removal - Medium Area
Underarms or bikini - 80 Brazilian - 150 Half legs - 200 Half arms - 120 Full Arms - 200 Neck Full - 110 Shoulders - 200
Laser Hair Removal - Large Area
Full legs 350 Full Back and Shoulders 350
Microneedling- Face & Neck
Microneedling Face, Neck & Decollte
LED Light Therapy - add on to any treatment
RED light therapy is able to reduce the appearance of fine and wrinkles, sun damage, and skin problems including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Green light treatment is calming, anti-inflammatory and lightens hyper-pigmentation. Blue LED Light Therapy specifically targets acne bacteria that cause acne lesions. By removing the bacteria, this treatment reduces active acne. Yellow light has been clinically proven to increase the overall health of the skin. It targets skin rejuvenation, wound healing, decreases signs of fine lines and increases blood flow to skin tissue
Pro Power Peel 60
This is an extended version of the 30 minute peel where I will intensify the peel by adding more layers and also increase dermal layering at the end of the treatment.
Microneedling Neck
Microneedling aka collagen induction therapy to reduce neck wrinkles.
Diamond microdermabrasion will gently resurface dullness, fine lines and surface pigmentation while stimulating collagen production.
IPL Photofacial D├ęcolletage
Photofacial Hands
IPL therapy will remove hyperpigmentation from the hands.
Tween Facial
Intro to skin care! Cleanse, gentle exfoliation gentle, minimal extractions and masque.
IPL Acne Treatment
Intense pulse light treatment for acneic skin. 8 sessions recommended 1-2 weeks apart for best results. Not suitable for dark skin tones.
Triple Crown Treatment
Microdermabrasion, microcurrent lifting and oxygen infusion. This triple threat combination is perfect right before an event. Buff, lift and oxygenate your skin into shape!

Our Staff

Olivera Cvetkovic
Owner Olivera Cvetkovic has been a practicing skin therapist since 2010.

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