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Lice Treatment (average time is 3 hours per visit)

We're a mobile service & come to your home.  We'll screen all family members & caregivers & then treat those affected by doing a thorough comb-out using our safe, pesticide-free products. Checks are $35 per head; the treatment fee is either $125 or $175 per head, depending on length of hair (head check fee waived if we treat). Products are $20. There is a service travel fee of $125 for Dekalb, Fulton, Cobb & Gwinette counties. We do serve other counties, but it is handled on case by case basis. Hair needs to be cleaned and detangled prior to visit.  Ideally, we set up & work in the kitchen where lighting is best & counter height is good.  We check everyone in household, usually starting with least likely to most likely.  While we work, we'll educate you then give you hands-on training so you can prevent future infestations.  We guarantee you'll be successful and happy with our service, following our best practice of follow up procedures. We accept credit cards and HSA/FSA cards, Payal & Venmo.

Price Varies · 3 hours