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Mommy and Me V-Steam

A sacred holistic health practice. Avoid cancellation. A Holistic Health History form must be completed for ALL new clients within 24 hours of booking. Steam Session fit for Queens! Moms and daughters experience the power of honoring their body and moon cycle while being pampered. We offer girl power easy-to-understand biological information, gentle yoni steam to help w/ first moon symptoms, organic cucumber, oatmeal honey facials as well as guidance for going through the emotional and social changes of puberty with grace and confidence of a Goddess. Goddesses are completely covered during session. Light stretching performed (dress comfortable) hip opening, to help release tension in the hips for maximum herbal absorption Completed health histories are required prior to service. Girls MUST have started moon cycle to participate. CELEBRATE WITH HER NOW.

$95 · 30 minutes

Yoni Egg Couple/Private Session

Awaken your power! Schedule your intimate private session with you and/or your mate as you learn fun interactive step-by-step sensual methods of incorporating yoni eggs. Positions, grasping and manipulating the yoni egg gemstone using your pelvic floor muscle and sensual tantric postures, focusing on linking breath with movement. Topics covered- History, care, safe usage, muscle control, flow. Gathering sensual energy, building trust, sensual work to different areas of the body, pulsation and proper breathing techniques. Who can benefit?- Couples, new to the art, need a refresher, not really comfortable using yoni eggs internally, unanswered questions. Need a slower breakdown w/ visuals. Want to incorporate the concept with your partner. Sessions taught by Sis. Mayasa with the indigenous aspects honoring the mind, body & spirit while having fun at our Sanctuary. Mobile session available add $20.00 to existing rate for travel 20 miles within the DMV local area.

$95 · 1 hour

Yoni Egg Group Session

Thinking of a fun, sensual empowering gathering with your butterfly sisters? Well, our intimate, sacred yoni egg session guarantees to awaken your feminine power. Learn step-by-step methods of picking up, grasping and manipulating the yoni egg gemstone using your pelvic floor muscle. Topics covered- History, care, safe usage, muscle control, movement, womb work, orgasms, and proper breathing techniques. Group sessions require $100 "Save the Date Deposit". (Applied toward balance) Travel outside DMV accrue additional cost. Hosting minimum 8-10 beautiful women $275.00. (Average $27.50) per participant. Group inquiries smaller than 5, larger than 10 (e-mail or for additional info visit

Price Varies · 3 hours

Holistic Health and Nutrition Consultation

We are a sacred holistic health practice. Avoid cancellation. A Holistic Health History form must be completed for ALL new clients within 24 hours of booking. Session fit for Queens & Kings! The whole health consultation uses principles of holistic living to help support balance of mind and body. During the appointment, the practitioner will review your health history, you will receive a detailed plan of recommendations that will serve as your tools to begin your personal journey. Self-care recommendations may include the following: Food guidelines to support digestion and nutrition, herbal tonics, tinctures, supplements, body and energy work recommendations, movement and breath, and holistic lifestyle guidelines. Our Specialty: Doula care, postpartum, fibroid, fertility, PCOS, menstrual discomfort, weight release, sensuality, blood sugar regulation, hypertension and more. For qualifications and certifications visit

$50 · 50 minutes

Holistic Doula Care Consultation

Birth is an opportunity to transcend. Your birth! Your decisions! Mayasa is here to support your idea of birth. Mayasa brings knowledge and expertise as a holistic practitioner and health care professional to provide hands-on physical, evidenced-based informational, and emotional support to you and your partner rather birthing at home, hospital or birthing center. While supporting more than 120 amazing birthing families in DC, VA, MD, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York for more than 12 years Mayasa incorporates a multitude of holistic options to include heat and cold therapy; hydrotherapy; essential oils, acupressure; various position changes; rebozo; Spinning Babies, TENS, guided imagery; and other comfort and relaxation techniques; before, during, or after childbirth in the form of information, physical support, birth rites of passage emotional support and more.

Free · 45 minutes

Hire Mayasa- Yoni Egg/Blessing Way/ Yoga/Dance

Yoga/Bellydance/ Womb Health Group Session A “Ladies’ Night/Day In” session, teaching sensual, sacred movement, completely fun for any women’s gathering! An amazing way to share an empowerment event, birthing way, women's day, sister circle, moon/period party, baby welcoming/shower, bridal shower, birthday, bachelorette party, spiritual circle or any celebration. One your guests will definitely remember. Includes: 45 min session. Our location or yours. Additional rates apply for our space and travel outside DMV area. Contact Learn more about events at

$175 · 45 minutes

Save Event Date

Showing up and Showing Out "Secure the Date" Deposits are applied to final balance. Deposits are non-refundable. Balance is due 14 Days prior to event, Event balance must be paid "prior" to your ceremony/event, non-payment forfeits deposit. We look forward to being of service to you.

$100 · 1 hour

Medicine Woman 6 Month Apprenticeship

6 months of plant medicine, apothecary, v-steaming, yoni egg training. About Our Training: Our training session is done in person, we believe online is great, however does not completely benefit the practitioner's ability to learn hands on. We meet all amazing women prior to enrollment. Course does not include room and board Total Training Cost $ 2050.00 Payment Plan Options Available $500.00 $250.00 Training Date January 2020 Classes 7-9pm Every Thursday For more info email or visit

$2,050 · 1 hour


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