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Crystal singing bowl mediations, hypnotherapy, energy repatterning, hands of light, myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy. DNA activations in support of ascension. In person, skype, zoom or phone sessions.
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Our Services

Hypnotherapy Sessions
Individualized to client needs. See description on services page.
7th Path self hypnosis
7 part/sessions mind body spirit self hypnosis session. See details under service page. price per session.
Energetic Patterns lifetime reading.
An energetic reading of lifetime patterns that has created current reality. The chain is opened and detailed report where dichotomies present is given. Participants have a lifetime "guide manual" elimination shadow function and restoration of Divine Right Function/spirit function. Session can last 2 hours.
Psychic Medium Services
Kim connects with those who have passed bringing messages of love hop and healing. Kim also connects with the crystalline grid and akashic record and perceives the most likely future potential in Divine right function.
Rainbow Bridge Ascension Sessions
Participants learn shadow/spirit function of each ray/layer of the human energy field. They learn to manage energy flow removing blocks that prevent perception through the veil at each layer. Divine right function re-estalishes as the spiritual DNA activates. Typically 7-12 sessions for full activation.
Self Awarenes Formila follow-up sessions
One hour sessions for those who have completed the Lifetime Energetic Reading and wishing to explore the dichotomies discovered in initial reading.
Singing Bowl Group Meditation (Live)
Done at significant energetic dates ie: solstices and equinoxes. See upcoming events at embody-light.com for current listing. Please ndicate which event you chose at checkout.
Psychic Medium 30 Minute Session.
A 30 minute reading allows for connection to desired energy. Messages of love and encouragement from beyond the veil. Hints on how to connect with loved ones independantly as time permits. (A deeper connection with 5D therapuetic technique available in a 60 minute session.)
Twin Flame connection 30 Minute Session
30 minute session establishes or enhances twin flame connection, advice on how to maintain connection. Channeling higher self/soul as time permits. (A more in depth channeling and enhancement available in 60 minute sessions.)
Twin Flame Connection 60 Minute Session.
Connection or enhancement to twin flame energy, synchronization and integration of royal Magdeline/Goddess codes. Merging and alteration of timelines to assist with the Creation of Heaven on Earth.

Our Staff

Kimberly Voigt