24 Hour Traffic & Driving School LLC

"Professional, Knowledgeable Experts in Driver License Services, Friendly Staff, Outstanding track record with many years of excellence! We are a Third Party Testing Agency authorized by the DMV. "NO LINE, NO WAIT, DO IT OUR WAY!"
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Our Services

Official Learners Permit Test
includes a prep course and a free study guide! you will be taking the exam directly in our office. (you get two tries)
Drug & Alcohol Class+ Official Learners Permit Test
Get both requirements done in one day and Save $$$!
1 hr Runthru+ VIP Driving Exam
one hour review class (experience driver) and official driving exam at our office. (you must come to our office)
Complete Runthru (2 Days) + VIP driving Exam
2 Days program. Day 1: get a full 2 hour lesson, Day 2: review 1 hour class+ Driving exam directly in our office.
Drug & Alcohol, 4 hours, 8 hours, & 12 hours Traffic School
Never had a license? got a ticket and want to avoid points against your license? did the judge court ordered you to complete traffic school hours? This is the Class for you! sign up now, and come in to do the class you need any day you like.
6 Hours Driving Lessons (Permit License required)
Basic: 3 intro lessons of 2 hours each class. Right after your last lesson, you will complete your driving exam directly at our office.
8 Hours Driving Lessons (Permit License required)
Standard: 4 classes of 2 hours each. Right after your last lesson, you will complete your driving exam directly at our office.
10 Hours of Driving Lessons (Permit License required)
Plus: 5 classes of 2 hours each. Right after your last lesson, you will complete your driving exam directly at our office.
2 Hours Advance Driving Class
Get familiarize better with the streets of Miami, get highway driving, gain more experience. This Class is only available at our school. (no pick up or drop off) contact our office for that specific service.

Our Staff

Leonel Morales
Spanish Speaker instructor committed to helping our students learn new driving skills set one class at a time. Originally from Havana, Cuba.
Melissa Guerra
General Manager of 24 Hour Traffic School. Bachelors in Tourism/ Hospitality from St. Thomas University. Her leadership style is a method that provides direction, implementing all plans, and motivating her staff for the success of the school.
Nancy Perez
Nancy is very sweet, loving, and has so much patience that will make you feel so at ease during uncomfortable situations. She gets you ready to work on any anxiety by guiding you every step of the way. You can trust that she will develop your driving skills to perfection and get you on the highway in no time.
Nelly Hurtado
Nelly brings a vibrant spirit to our school. She is an excellent instructor who focuses on informing all her student drivers with safety driving procedures. In addition to that, she makes sure to supply her students with defensive techniques about any emergency situation they may encounter.
Yahaira Rivera
Yahaira is very vibrant, upbeat and funny during her classes. She ensures they are full of energy making you comfortable in uncomfortable situations. She is patient, intelligent and brings an edge to our school like no other team member as part of our staff.