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A coffee roasting and production space located at Chez Sodo in Lincoln, Nebraska where you can book coffee roasting classes, production roasting time, and other coffee related events.
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Time on the Roaster (Production)
(Attention: you must attend the "Roasting Operations Class" prior to reserving time on the roaster for production.) Reserve time to use the roasting space for 90 minutes time slots. This will allow you exclusive access to roasting, packaging, and cupping supplies during the hours you select. (Suggested) Time Allocation: 15 minutes warm-up 1 hour production capable of completing four batches 15 minutes cool-down while packaging/cleaning
Roasting Operations Class
This is the required roasting class to operate the roaster on your own. The class will demonstrate how to properly operate the roaster for independent production use. Offered in the evenings and weekends by Jon Ferguson. Participants must be 19+ with form of identification. At the end of this class, you will be reviewed by the instructor and be allowed to independently use the roaster and space with on-sight supervision. Only those who successfully complete this class are allowed to sign up for production time on the roaster.
Coffee Class: Seed to Cup
his class will showcase a presentation covering the entire coffee supply chain from seed to cup, ending with a cupping session of a variety of coffees from around the world, with different roast levels. This is a great opportunity to discover a wider selection of coffees you may (or may not) prefer.
Coffee Class: Roasting 101
This is a basic introduction to the world of coffee roasting. Groups of up to 6 people are welcome to attend this session. Expectations for this class will simply be a guided tour through the world of roasting coffee. Each attendee will receive a sample bag of the coffee roasted during the hour session.

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