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NOTE: Please allow 2-4 hours for your pets grooming session to be completed.
You will be notified when your pet is ready for pick up.

Clients are more than welcome to drop their pet off earlier than their appointment time.

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Our Services

Cat Grooming
Yes, we groom cats! Bath & Tidy services run about $80. Full body haircut services run about $100. These services include a wash, nail clip, and ear cleaning.
Daycare -
All Doodle Grooms - Poodles & Poodle Mixes
We specialize in Doodles. Doodles and Poodle mixes of all kinds. We understand it takes a little more time and technique to groom this breed correctly, so we've dedicated an entire section to schedule them properly.
Full Service Grooming
A full grooming includes one pre-wash with a degreaser shampoo, second wash with a coat specific shampoo, one conditioner treatment, blow dry, brush/comb out, nails filed, ears cleaned/ear hairs removed along with a FULL BODY haircut.
Bath & Tidy -
Every bath and tidy includes one pre-wash with a degreaser shampoo, second wash with coat specific shampoo, a conditioner treatment, blow dry, brush/comb out, nails filed, ears cleaned/ear hairs removed along with a sanitary trim of the face, feet and rear.
Bath Ears & Nails -
Every bath includes a wash, ear cleaning, and nail trim. (No fur trimming)
Fresh Breath Teethbrushing
DeShedding Treatment - Add On
Series of techniques and special products to remove lose undercoat. This process helps reduce excessive shedding and promotes healthy skin and coat. This is an add on service to any bath or groom run $15 while full coated breeds run $25
Anal Glands
Tea Tree and Aloe Specialty Shampoo - Add On
This shampoo contains organically grown aloe vera that soothes irritated skin and relieves itching and inflammation.
Paw Revitalizer- Add On
Paw & Nose Revitalizer - All natural grape seed oil blend to moisturize and heal dry cracked paws and crusty noses.
Silk & Shine Treatment - Add On
No more doggy FRIZZ- Silk proteins and botanical extracts to take coats from frizzy and dry to silky and luxurious
Nail Polish Package - Add On
Coat of color after nails are filed to perfection. Must be added on to a bath or groom to include nail filing.
Rad Dog Doos (Temporary Doggie Dye)
Safe non toxic pet dye. Prices will vary. Please book this service at least 1 week in advance. A groomer will call you to get specific details on your style preference.
Spa Package of The Month - Add On
Our spa packages give your furry friend the ultimate spa experience during their time at Rad Dog. The contents of the package change monthly but contain items such as the grape-seed oil paw revitalizer, hydrating butter massage, a specialty shampoo of your choosing, teeth brushing, anal gland expression and more! Give us a call to see what this month's package includes!
Medicated shampoo treatment to sooth the skin. Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial with Aloe and Eucalyptus. Oxy Med Mud Solution Facial Scrub of the month Hydrating Butter Treatment Silk & Shine Treatment
Classic Mani/Pedi (single service alone)
A quick clip/file while you wait.
Premium Pawdicure Package (Single service alone)
Nails filed down to perfection, followed up with a grape-seed oil paw revitalizer treatment for the paw pads, ears cleaned with care, breath freshner foam, then finished up with a spritz of perfume. All under 10 minutes while you wait!
OxyMed Medicated Specialty Shampoo - Add On
OxyMed Medicated Oatmeal shampoo soothes hot spots, seborrhea and dry, flaky skin to keep your pet itch-free.
Whitening and Brightening Specialty Shampoo - Add On
Keep your furry friend's coat snowy white with this pH balanced whitening shampoo that brightens as it gently detangles.
Deep Cleansing Paw Fizz Treatment
This white tea tree oil paw treatment helps eliminate paw licking and irritation while fighting fungus, bacteria and yeast. Natural seaweed extract moisturizes dry paws while the olive leaf works as an anti-fungal and antiseptic to leave paws fresh and clean. Pamper your pup today with this soothing new treatment!

Our Staff

Hi, I’m Christine! I am the owner of Rad Dog. I have 10 years of experience in the grooming industry. In my spare time I enjoy practicing yoga, painting, and exploring outdoors. I have two human sons, a shih tzu name Tink, two cats, and a snake. * please note Christine is not taking any new clients at this time. If you are a new client please book your pet's appointment with one of our other great team members*
First Available Stylist
Option for any stylist that has openings
Hi, I’m Gabriella! I have learned under the direction of Christine to become a Stylist here at Rad Dog. I owned my own dog hotel in Venezuela and worked in dog salons in Miami. I'm excited to be here in Jacksonville! In my spare time I enjoy going to the beach and doing yoga. I have a rescue dog at home named Nicco.