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Our Services

Herbs & Nutrition Consult
My standard TCM followup. Current Clients Only. This differentiates from the Wellness Q&A as I actively have to have your file open, taking notes, updating strategies, doing reasearch & closing your file/summary.
Wellness Skype Q&A
A general open-ended Q&A chat to clarify your confusions or to just pick my brain - Because sometimes you just have so many questions! Ideal for general questions around nutrition, lifestyle, tips, tools, and emotional support. Starts at $25 for 20 minutes, but can be negotiable as you can take all the time you need - **So book as many slots as you need!** This differentiates from my formal 'Herbs & Nutrition Consults' as it is more open-ended, I can be in a more casual setting, and do not need any research/paperwork to manage outside this timeslot.
Wholistic Productivity Coaching
Arming you with powerful tips, tricks and powerful tools & resources to help you reach your Inspired Vision of Life - the work you are here to do! Clarify your goals & path ahead, all while addressing the root causes of your procrastination, willpower or focus concerns.
Extended Productivity Coaching

Our Staff

Matt Walton