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Our Services

15-Minute Free Coaching Session
Set up a FREE 15 minute session to see how my coaching services can help you to improve your relationships, enhance your professional development and support you to overcome obstacles you never even knew you had. In this quick deep dive, we’ll get laser focused about the area(s) where you’re needing the most support, I’ll propose my custom coaching plan and answer any questions you may have.
60-Minute "40 Days to Fabulous 40s" Coaching Session
Liberate yourself from old limiting beliefs, imposed on you by culture, history, society or years of low self-esteem or self-confidence. Refocus your outlook in your 40s with new possibility for what the rest of your life holds by going through this unique, proprietary process (you can only find this approach here at justaskjuliana). Created and developed by Juliana herself. The results have been extraordinary.
60-Minute Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Session
Experiencing the painful breakup of a relationship or still healing from a breakup in the past? Based on Katherine Woodward Thomas' best-selling book Conscious Uncoupling, this coaching program is designed to support you to heal and to generate the future of your life (and love) from a whole and integrated place of truth about who you are and the vision of your life you were meant to lead.
60-Minute "Change Your Story Change Your Life" Coaching Session
We all live inside multiple stories, some others tell about us, some we tell about ourselves. In this coaching session, you’ll surface the stories that you are consciously or unconsciously living inside so that you can liberate yourself from them for good, and take over as the master storyteller of your own life.
60-Minute Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs
Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur eager to make your biggest contribution AND pay the bills? Clear the path to make your greatest professional impact with your business or business idea without sacrificing who you are in the process.
Situational Laser Coaching (aka “The Hotline”) - For Current Coaching Clients Only
Got an urgent question that can’t wait until our next session? This urgent and on-the-spot coaching service is designed to supplement any of the other coaching services offered and gives you real-time support in the specific situation you actually need. Should I sign this lease? Am I crazy, can we handle another restaurant? I just got the divorce settlement from my ex and I’m FUMING. I am not sure how to respond to this text from this guy I just met on Bumble about meeting up this week. Can you help? (Due to the context and background required for Juliana to coach effectively in this laser-focused style, this service is only available to current coaching clients)
Consulting Services
Rate determined by type of consultation requested.

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