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SKYPE Consultation

For those of you that have a very busy schedule, I'm happy to provide SKYPE consulting from the comfort of your home, dorm, or on the go. Just choose your date and time and in the notes: PLEASE LEAVE ME YOUR SKYPE NAME. So I can call you via SKYPE to connect to you. Be ready to talk art, size, and location of your desired indelible art.

Free · 30 minutes


This is a consultation service.

Free · 30 minutes

Small Tattoo Appointment

Small tattoos are typically 1/2" diameter to 3" diameter. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150. Price may very due to complexity.

Price Varies · 1 hour

Medium Tattoo Appointment

Medium Tattoos are about a 4" diameter to 6" diameter Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300. Prices may vary depending on complexity.

Price Varies · 2 hours

Large Tattoo Appointment

Large tattoos are typcially 6" diameter to 8" diameter. Expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $600. Prices may vary with complexity.

Price Varies · 3 hours

XL Tattoo (Consultation)

THIS IS FOR A CONSULTATION ONLY. This is a service that is offered for people wanting; 1/4, 1/2, full sleeves, full leg pieces, chest or back pieces. We will determine; size, cost, how many sessions, etc.

Free · 45 minutes

Addam North

As a seasoned graphic designer of over 20 years, fine artist of 20+years, and tattooer; Proficient in realism and graphic design/postmodern tattoo design, I can create the most compelling works of art for your body.