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Opportunities to look and feel your best with Greta Guldseth Cosmetology are endless! From customized eyelash extensions, to signature blowouts and bridal parties, you'll find everything you'd want to pamper yourself right here!
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Our Services

Full Set- Eyelash Extensions
This is a great option for first time clients who want a full, yet natural looking full set of extensions. Classic 1:1 method, customize it to whatever length/fullness you'd like!
Blended Volume Full Set Eyelash Extensions
If you're looking for bold, dramatic, full, luscious lashes.. this option is for you! Customize the length to whatever you'd like, and notice the long retention rate with this set!
Partial set- Eyelash Extensions
75% full, this option is great for people who are targeting the most natural look, yet still looking to enhance their lashes. Classic 1:1 technique using whatever length best suits you!
Eyelash Extension Fill
Ready to come back to get your lashes looking fresh and full again? Book a fill to get that "first time" look again. Remember, make sure you still have at least 20% on still when booking appointment!
Volume Eyelash Extension Fill
Let's get those lashes looking bold and dramatic again!
New Customer Eyelash Fill
Trying me out for the first time? I can't wait to meet you! At this appointment, I will spend a little more time working with you and your lashes to remove any old ones, and start with a clean canvas, insuring your lashes look as fresh and full as possible!
Eyelash Extensions Touch Up Fill
This is for the people who want a little extra TLC before a vacation or special event, but have gone less than 1.5 weeks since last fill appointment.
Eyelash Extensions- Student Discount
Show your student ID to receive 10% off your service of choice!
Facial Wax
Eyebrow, lip, chin, cheek... you name it, I wax it!
Special event- Hair
Wedding? Prom? Fancy event? Book a updo, half updo, or specialty style with me.
Full Face Makeup Application
Includes airbrush for an additional cost.
Laser Hair growth therapy treatment
Are you struggling with hair loss? Hormone changes, menopause, thyroid problems, stress and many other things can cause hair loss, and it's no fun! With the FDA approved laser hair cap, you can start to notice new hair growth and decreased shedding within as short as 2 months of continuous treatments. Try it out today!
Eyelash or Eyebrow tinting
Eyelash deep clean
Do you wear makeup everyday and have a hard time getting it off yourself without ruining your extensions? Or are they in need of a "good clean?" Add a "lash bath" to your fill appointment to deep clean your eyelashes, eyelids and extensions to keep everything healthy and maintain good, clean lashes. (Recommended at least every third fill)

Our Staff

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