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Our Services

Free phone consultation
On the day of your appointment, I will call you to discuss your needs. Whether you have something specific going on (like an injury) or something more general (like stiffness or emotional blocks), we will figure out the best plan for you to heal. I'll also go over scheduling, rates, and packages.
Private Pilates
A Pilates work out that will align your body and connect you to your deepest muscles. We will work with clarity and intention so you leave feeling energized and worked from head to toe.
Fascia release massage
The fascia system consists of all of your connective tissue in your body. This includes tendons, ligaments, and it wraps around all of your muscles as well as connect them to your bones. Even the smallest blockage in your tissue can cause extreme stiffness and pain in your body. During these sessions, I will release tension in your connective tissue to restore proper movement to your body.
Reiki is a way of balancing the energy in your body to bring you back to emotional wellness. During your session, I will balance your chakra system and read your emotional history. Then, we will discuss what I found and I will give you activities to move your life forward.
The all inclusive
This healing session starts with Reiki and chakra balancing to find physical and emotional blockages. From there, I will release tight connective tissue that corresponds with the blocked chakra. We will finish the session with some movement that will strengthen your newfound mobility.
30 minute work out!
Fridays only! Get a fast, challenging, and effective work out. You’ll learn how to fit your work out into your busy schedule and shorter days!

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Julie Turner