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**Please note that all appointments are PREPAID & NONREFUNDABLE** Alexandra is a Master Esthetician with 17 years experience and has always specialized in Brazilian Waxes. Years ago her clients started calling her "The Braziilan Wax Queen" and the name stuck! Waxing sticks are NEVER double dipped and gloves are always worn. In addition to a full menu of body waxing, we also offer Facials, and Reiki Therapy.
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Our Services

Brazilian Wax-Pls Pay Attention To The Date You’re Booking!!!
Everything is removed from front to back. Client may choose to leave a landing strip or triangle. Please be sure to have at least 14 days of growth to ensure that the wax can grab the hair!!! **Pre-payment is required and nonrefundable**
Brazilian Deluxe ~ Your Brazilian Wax followed by a High Frequency Treatment to kill bacteria and het rid of ingrown hairs, followed by a soothing Aloe Mask. This treatment is an amazing way to treat yourself to a little extra selfcare. Amazing for sensitive skin! *** THIS APPOINTMENT IS PREPAID & NONREFUNDABLE***
TAROT READING WITH ME!!! BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!!! As you probabky know i am highly intuitive and have been doing readings since I was a teenager. There are different kinds of psychic ability, and the gigtcthat i havevia known as the Oracle gift. Meaning that messages are often passed through me to help guide you. I use Tarot, Angel, and Oracle cards to hep coach you through whatever it is that you are currently working through. ***THIS BOOKING IS PREPAID AND NONREFUNDABLE***
Brazilian & Full Leg
Prepayment is required and non refundable.
Brazilian, Full Leg, Under Arm
You must have at least 14 days of regrowth for any type of body waxing. Please review the prep page on the website to ensure that you’re ready to be waxed at the time of your appointment. **Prepayment is required and non refundable”
Brazilian & Half Leg
Prepayment is required and non refundable
Brazilian, Half Leg, Under Arm
You must have at least 14 days of regrowth for any type of body waxing. Please review the prep page on the website before booking! *Prepayment Is Required And Nonrefundable”
Vajacial- A Facial For Your Bikini Area
This quick and efficient service is perfect for anyone experiencing issues with clogged pores or ingrown hairs in the bikini area. The top part of the bikini area is cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, extractions are performed, and then a moisturizing mask is used to complete the treatment. ***Must be at least 10 days out from your last Wax or shave to avoid irritation*** **Prepayment Is Required And Nonrefundable**
Bikini Extended
Hair is removed into a very exaggerated bikini wax but hair is not removed from the labia. This wax extends to the back side. **Prepayment Is Required & Nonrefundable **
Basic Bikini
The most modest of bikini waxes- hair is removed at the point where the panty line ends on the sides. Hair is also manicured across the top. **Male Bikini Waxes Are NOT offered** **Prepayment Is Required & Nonrefundable**
Low Back
Prepayment is Required & Nonrefundable
Hair is removed from between cheeks and outer cheeks as well. **Prepayment Is Required & Nonrefundable **
Full Torso (Female)
Pre-payment is Required & Nonrefundable
Brow Shaping
Brows are mapped out, trimmed, waxed, and tweezed to perfection. **Prepayment Is Required & Nonrefundable**
Brow Cleanup
Brows are trimmed and cleaned up to keep your gorgeous shape in tact!
Prepayment is Required & Nonrefundable
Lip Wax
Prepayment is required and non refundable
Under Arms
Prepayment is required and non refundable
Half Arm
Full Arm
Prepayment is required and non refundable
Half Leg
Prepayment is required and non refundable
Full Legs
Prepayment is required and non refundable
Back Wax
Prepayment is required and non refundable
Reiki Therapy
Reiki Therapy is a touch free energy healing treatment where the Reiki Energy is transferred to the receiver through the practitioner. Reiki Energy removes Chakra blockages, relieves stress & anxiety, and promotes healing. During the session the client remains fully clothed, and is encouraged to get comfortable on the heated massage table using blankets and pillows.
Signature Full Facial
Your skin will be expertly analyzed, and a custom facial for your skin type will be created. This facial can be customized to be more result oriented or relaxing. After cleansing, exfoliating, and steaming, extractions are manually performed. Your custom facial will come to a close as a mask specifically for your skin type is applied. **Prepayment is required and non refundable**
Express Facial
This facial is designed to give your skin a quick glow. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, and then a face mask for your appropriate skin type will be applied. This is an ideal treatment to have performed before a makeup application, or a night out. There are no extractions performed during this treatment. **Prepayment Is Required & Nonrefundable**
Back Facial
This treatment is great for anyone experiencing breakouts on their back. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, and blackheads extracted. An anti-blemish mask will then be applied to calm skin, clear up the breakout, and close the pores. **Prepayment is required and Nonrefundable**
The Glow Up ~ Full Signature Facial & Brazilian Wax
Treat yourself, you deserve it!!! Your Brazilian Wax will Be followed by my super relaxing Signature Full Facial. Enjoy!!’ Prepayment is required and Nonrefundable
The “Get It Right” ~ Brazilian, 1/2 Leg, Lip & Brow, Express Facial
Feel like you’ve fallen out of your self care routine? This will take care of that. Please remember that we need at least 14 days of growth for waxing💕 Prepayment is required and non refundable
Wax Package Visit (In Order To Schedule This You Must Have A Package Already Purchased)

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