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Brazilian Wax 馃尨 New Location as of 10/1!!!Please Read Prewax Instructions馃尨 Prepaid & NONREFUNDABLE. ATTN NEW CLIENTS: Read my late reschedule policy (24 hr policy) **Pregnant Clients Must Be No More Than 12 Weeks For A 1st Time Wax! **Pls Pay Attention To The Date You鈥檙e Booking!!! Follow my IG Account @the_wax_queen_alex to stay up to date on policy & procedure. Make sure to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled start time. I am unable to take late clients due to new regulations.

Everything is removed from front to back. Client may choose to leave a landing strip or triangle. Please be sure to have at least 14 days of growth to ensure that the wax can grab the hair!!! Pls review my PRE WAX PREP INSTRUCTIONS (website; highlights on IG @officialwaxqueen; TikTok @.the wax queen) **Pre-payment is required and nonrefundable** Client is responsible for moving the appointment using the online booking system prior to the 24 hr late reschedule cutoff. Client acknowledges & accepts that due to high demand there may be an extended wait for future availability. No refunds are issued- client may keep a credit & use in the future if they wish. Absolutely no refunds. This is to prevent fake bookings or non serious clients. This is a small business- not a chain.

$80 路 30 minutes

Full Arm

Prepayment is required and non refundable

$65 路 30 minutes

Full Legs

Prepayment is required and non refundable

$95 路 45 minutes

Back Wax

Prepayment is required and non refundable

$80 路 30 minutes

馃拵 Signature Full Facial ~This luxurious European style Facial includes extractions, high frequency treatment, and customized mask for the clients skin type. A relaxing massage is performed while your mask sets, allowing you to completely unwind and relax!

Your skin will be expertly analyzed, and a custom facial for your skin type will be created. This facial can be customized to be more result oriented or relaxing. After cleansing, exfoliating, and steaming, extractions are manually performed. Your custom facial will come to a close as a mask specifically for your skin type is applied. **Prepayment is required and non refundable**

$100 路 1 hour

Back Facial

This treatment is great for anyone experiencing breakouts on their back. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, and blackheads extracted. An anti-blemish mask will then be applied to calm skin, clear up the breakout, and close the pores. **Prepayment is required and Nonrefundable**

$85 路 45 minutes

猸愶笍Brazilian & Full Legs

Prepayment is required and non refundable.

$170 路 1 hour

猸愶笍Brazilian & Lower Legs (knees down)

Prepayment is required and non refundable

$130 路 45 minutes

猸愶笍Brazilian, Full Leg, Under Arm

You must have at least 14 days of regrowth for any type of body waxing. Please review the prep page on the website to ensure that you鈥檙e ready to be waxed at the time of your appointment. **Prepayment is required and non refundable鈥

$195 路 1 hour 15 minutes

鈿★笍Brazilian Deluxe鈿★笍FLASH SALE 鉁═he Traditional Brazilian Wax followed by a High Frequency Treatment to kill bacteria and het rid of ingrown hairs, followed by a soothing Aloe Mask. This treatment is an amazing way to treat yourself to a little extra selfcare. Amazing for sensitive skin! *** THIS APPOINTMENT IS PREPAID & NONREFUNDABLE***

$80 路 1 hour

TAROT READING WITH ME!!! I utilize Tarot, Oracle, and Angel cards to your highest best selff. My psychic gift of being an Oracle enables me to receive clear messages from your guides to help coach you through your journey. ***Please remember that all bookings with me are Prepaid & Nonrefundable***

$60 路 1 hour

Tarot Gift Certificate (use this if you have a gift certificate & want to book a tarot reading- bring the number with you so I can process it here)

Free 路 1 hour

Jeovannas Wax Combo Package Visit

Combo brazilian & 1/2 Leg

Free 路 45 minutes


A Facial for your backside! If you struggle with breakouts or clogged pores on your tush cheeks, this is for you! First your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, and extracted. Then a high frequency treatment is performed to kill bacteria and eliminate breakouts. A mask will be applied to finish the service, depending on your skins needs! You鈥檒l have the cutest 馃崙 ever!!!

$75 路 45 minutes


Your stand alone tush wax (between & outer cheeks) followed by a high frequency treatment and soothing Aloe Vera rubberized mask. 馃崙

$90 路 45 minutes

The Glamour Magick Facial Treatment鉁

This Magickal Facial Treatment is so much more! Starting with an energetic cleanse, we鈥檒l then move to a cleanse and exfoliation. A truly Magickal 30 minute facial & scalp massage will be performed using the 鈥淕lamour Magick Intention Oil鈥 by Lunar Libra Co. Your treatment will be end with a rose mask & Reiki session. This part of the service will address healing and self love. After your treatment you鈥檒l notice more head turning, compliments, & soaring confidence! I personally use the Glamour Magick Oil every morning to bring out that inner beauty & glow!

$111 路 1 hour

Brazilian Deluxe Package Visit馃尯 (You Must Have Purchased A Package Before Using This Option- Contact Me To Purchase)

You must have previously purchased the Brazilian Deluxe 3 Pack Flash Sale to use this option. Please make a note in the 鈥渘ote鈥 section which # this booking is. Example: 1/3, 2/3, or 3/3.

Free 路 1 hour


$45 路 1 hour

Ear Candling~ This service is great for anyone who has issues with allergies or sinus issues. It helps to remove build up, can ease pressure, and ringing. This treatment is extremely relaxing & has existed for centuries. It is not intended to treat infections. Please seek medical help for any suspected infection. This appointment is Pre-Paid & Nonrefundable. You may reachesule up to 24 hrs before your appoinmemt by logging into thw booking site using your phone number!

$65 路 45 minutes

Package Visit For Full Facial- You must have purchased a FACIAL PACKAGE already to use this option.

Free 路 1 hour

The Experience鉁

This Facial is packed full of ALL the things we need for our skin after 35. My Signature double cleanse, steam, microdermabrasion, extractions (removal of clogging & blackheads), High Frequency Treatment, Multi Vitamin Serum, Hylauronic Acid Gellee Mask!!! While your mask sets, the LED light treatment helps to push the Vitamin Serum & Hylauronic Acid into the skin even more effectively. Your treatment ends with a nutrient filled moisturizer application & Vitamjn C Eye Serum. The result is SMOOTH, HYDRATED, PLUMPED, GORGEOUS skin!

$140 路 1 hour 30 minutes

Luxury Vajacial (Includes Microdermabrasion)

This service is perfect for anyone having issues with clogging or ingrown hairs! Schedule at least 7 days after waxing to avoid any issues. Your bikini area will be cleansed, steamed, MICRODERMABRASION performed, followed by extraction of clogging/ingrowns! I鈥檒l then do a high frequency treatment to rid skin of any bacteria and help heal existing ingrowns or cysts. A Gelle mask for soothing or lightening scarring will be applied to finish up this luxurious treat for the bikini area! 馃憴 馃尨 鈽锔

$110 路 1 hour

Self Love Gemstone & Lymphatic Drainage Facial 鈿★笍 BLACK FRIDAY DEAL鈿★笍

Beauty Really Does Come From Within鉁 This Facial Works From The Inside Out鉁 Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Heartbreak- All These Things Affect The Way We Look. Dark Circles, Dull & Lifeless Complexion- All Of These Things Can Be Helped With This Combo Of Energy Work & Amazihg Skincare. This Facial Starts With 3 Deep Breaths, You鈥檒l Focus On Letting Go Of All Of The Things That You鈥檝e Been Holding Onto Followed By My Signature Cleanse, Exfoliation, Steam & Extractions. I鈥檒l Perform A Therapeutic Lymphatic Drainage Massage Around Your Eyes & Sinuses (The Relief Of Sinus Pressure & Visible Reduction Of Puffiness Is Immediate). I鈥檒l Apply Rose Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Amethyst, Hematite, & Aquamarine To The Face & Perform A Relaxing Acupressure Massage Of The Legs & Feet. Your Facial Will Come To An End With A Custom Jelly Esthemax Face Mask. While Your Mask Sits, We鈥檒l Finish With 10 Minutes Of Reiki.鉁 The Result Will Leave You Feeling Like You鈥檙e Walking On Air, & Your Skin Will Radiate Beauty & Glow From Within!

$125 路 1 hour 30 minutes

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Lymphatic System is our bodies sewage system. Lymph is the fluid that carries toxins out - and when the drainage isn鈥檛 working properly there many symptoms that you might experience. Swelling, feeling stiff/sore when waking up, bloating, depression, to name a few. Lymph is made of white blood cells which attack bacteria in the blood- so if the system is backed up; your immune system is compromised! In the face specifically you may experience swelling & puffiness. You may also have issues with recurring sinus infections. During the MLDM light pressure and pumping motions are used to move the lymph along and get it to move out. During your treatment you鈥檒l be comfortably laying down on the treatment table. A warm towel behind your neck, and an hour of soothing massage followed by a facial mask to promote hydration. You鈥檒l notice less puffiness around the eyes, as well as a reduction of fine lines. This treatment is wonderful for anyone with very sensitive skin who still wants to enjoy the benefits of facial massage and the relaxing experience of a spa facial without the use of multiple products.

$70 路 1 hour

Facial Package Visit (Must have purchased a Facial Package in order to use this option)

Free 路 1 hour

Redeem Giftcard for Facial or Service Longer Than 30 min. - Contact Me Directly (401)451-5224

If you have received a gift card as a gift and would like to use it towards a facial, please contact me directly to enter the appointment for you. Squares prepaid system won鈥檛 allow you to enter the gift card as payment. Text me with the date and time and I will enter it for you. Be sure to check the dollar amount of your gift card so that you鈥檙e aware if there is a balance you would be responsible for if the gift card doesn鈥檛 cover the entire amount. Contact me at (401)451-5224

Free 路 1 hour

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage & Ear Candling

This service does so much! If you suffer from sinus issues- not only does the Facial Massage feel great, but it physically reduces swelling. Your sinuses will drain and pressure is relieved. We鈥檒l finish up with an Ear Candling, drawing out wax and soothing itchiness. For allergy sufferers this service is a MUST.鉁

$120 路 1 hour

REIKI PACKAGE VISIT 鉁煉 (You must have previously purchased a package to use this package visit. Contact me directly to purchase the package if you need one)

Reiki Energy Healing 鉁 I am a certified Master Reiki Practitioner with 7 years experience. Reiki Energy exists naturally in the universe and is directed through the practitioner to move energetic blocks. These blockages can be caused by illness, stress, or negative attachments. During a session, the client is completely clothed, lying under a blanket, cocooned and safe on the facial bed. Soothing music plays, while the practitioner uses either hands-free (but close) or light touch over different points of the body. As blockages are moved, clients may feel heat, coolness, tingling, pressure, waves of energy, or may become emotional and begin to cry. Clients have also reported feeling as though they were floating and have had to touch the table to make sure they were still on it! Reiki has helped many of my clients deal with autoimmune issues, notably, many dealing with chronic inflammation report that symptoms are lessened even after a single session. I鈥檝e used Reiki to help clients with anxiety and depression as well. After your session it鈥檚 common to feel calm & grounded. Clients also report that they sleep better & feel refreshed after a session.

Free 路 45 minutes

Sun Goddess 鉁‵or After Sun鉁 No heat or extractions- this is a treatment for after a sunburn 馃挅鉂わ笍鈥嶐煩

Maybe you fell to sleep on the beach and forgot to reapply, OR you were out drinking on your friends boat and got tipsy which caused you to forget to reapply鈥 Whatever, no judgement! This facial is designed to gently soothe and rehydrate your skin. Nothing that could irritate or burn your skin any further is used. This is a facial with the focus being relieving redness/soothing/hydrating/ & healing 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煩 your parched & crispy face (sometimes all you can do is laugh). 馃 Double cleanse (soothing/sensitive & Vitamin C if tolerable) 馃拞馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煉嗮煆解嶁檧锔忦煉嗮煆库嶁檧锔 Gentle Massage 鉁煣 Magical Vitamin C Serum 鉁煉 Hyalouronic Acid Serum There is no steaming in this treatment, as steaming or heat could potentially worsen the sunburn. 馃Icy Massage with globes or roller- chilled. Application of either my Vitamin C, or Healing jelly Mask.Masks are customized by me- after assessing what your skin needs . 馃馃 Skin is protected with moisturizer & sunscreen馃馃 Severe burns should be evaluated by a medical professional (any open lesions or blistering - go immediately to your local physician/urgent care/ER). *

$115 路 1 hour 15 minutes

猸愶笍Brazilian Wax & Inner Thigh (this is not a half leg, but the triangle from just beyond the bikini line & up to the side of the knee)

Prepayment is required & nonrefundable

$90 路 45 minutes

猸愶笍Brazilian Wax & Thighs (knee up)猸愶笍 *All bookings are PREPAID & NONREFUNDABLE. Please review my PRE-WAX PREP instructions to ensure your wax is as painless as possible. Clients may reschedule simply using the booking site. New Clients please review my booking policies prior to booking!

Prepayment is required & Nonrefundable

$145 路 1 hour

鈥淚t Girl鈥 Vitamin C Glow Facial 馃А

Fight hyperpigmentation, diminish fine lines, smooth you skin texture & GLOW 馃А This 90 minute treat will relax you & bring back that beautiful bright skin! All skin types can benefit from this anti-aging focused facial. Extractions will be performed after the double cleanse & steam. Following your serum application, you鈥檒l be treated to a skin firming LED treatment. Your Vitamin C mask will be applied as you melt into the warm steam towel placed behind your neck. While your mask sets, you鈥檒l enjoy a foot massage. Hopefully you stay awake so you鈥檒l remember it 馃А The result is supple, firm, beautiful, glowy, 鈥淚t Girl鈥 skin鈥

$135 路 1 hour 30 minutes

鉁≧eiki Energy Healing Session (1hr) 鉁 Certified Master Reiki Practitioner

$111 路 1 hour

鈿★笍Brazilian Deluxe & Thighs (knee up)鈿★笍

The Brazilian Deluxe includes your full Brazilian Wax followed by high frequency treatment & soothing hydrojelly mask. Extractions of both clogged pores & accessible ingrown hairs in the bikini area also performed. The upper leg begins at the knee and stops below the buttocks. 猸愶笍All bookings are PREPAID & NONREFUNDABLE猸愶笍 Client has the ability to reschedule using the online booking system & must move the booking prior to the 24 hr late reschedule cutoff.

$160 路 1 hour 30 minutes

馃挮Upper Legs (Thighs: knees up, ends below buttocks & at where bikini wax would begin)

30 minutes

Kim R. Facial Reschedule from 1/18

Free 路 1 hour 30 minutes

Kathy P. Facial Reschedule from 1/18

Free 路 1 hour 15 minutes

Briana Andrews Facial 鉂わ笍

Free 路 1 hour 30 minutes

Balance & Beauty 鉁∟EW SERVICE鉁 Signature Facial. Energetic Cleanse. Cord Cutting鉁

We all need help moving on or getting 鈥渦n stuck鈥 from time to time. As a Master Esthetician and Reiki Master, I鈥檝e combined my two passions to create a beautiful experience designed to help from the inside out. If you鈥檙e feeling stuck, depressed, or low energy an energetic cleanse combined with an energetic cord cutting can yield amazing changes in the way you feel. Energetic attachments that you鈥檙e unaware of can be draining you without your realizing it- an energetic cord cutting is performed to remove these. After the clearing/cord cutting, you鈥檒l enjoy my Signature Full Facial 鉁 During your facial, your skin will be cleansed, steamed, clogging/blackheads removed, high frequency treatment performed, and then a customized Hydrojelly Mask will be used to reveal your most radiant & beautiful skin! 鉁 This treatment is available for a limited time only鉁 BOOK WHILE YOU CAN!!!

$195 路 2 hours

Vajacial- A Facial For Your Bikini Area 馃尯

This quick and efficient service is perfect for anyone experiencing issues with clogged pores or ingrown hairs in the bikini area. The top part of the bikini area is cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, extractions are performed, and then a moisturizing mask is used to complete the treatment. ***Must be at least 10 days out from your last Wax or shave to avoid irritation*** **Prepayment Is Required And Nonrefundable**

$95 路 1 hour

Bikini Extended

Hair is removed into a very exaggerated bikini wax but hair is not removed from the labia. This wax extends to the back side. 馃憴 **Prepayment Is Required & Nonrefundable **

$65 路 30 minutes

Basic Bikini

The most modest of bikini waxes- hair is removed at the point where the panty line ends on the sides. Hair is also manicured across the top. 馃憴 **Male Bikini Waxes Are NOT offered** **Prepayment Is Required & Nonrefundable**

$35 路 15 minutes

Low Back

Prepayment is Required & Nonrefundable

$25 路 10 minutes

Tush Wax 馃崙 All bookings are prepaid & nonrefundable! Please review my pre-wax instructions & be sure that the hair is not overgrown coming in. Overgrowth will create a more painful experience, increase the likelihood of breakage & ingrown hairs- as well as increase the amount of time the procedure takes. 2 weeks prior to the appointment, shave down/buzz down the entire area and allow to grow in. This will allow for tge mkst painfree & quickest service possible.

Hair is removed from between cheeks and outer cheeks as well. If you have more than 3 months growth, you must shave or buzz down the area completely & book your appointment for 14 days out from that date. **Prepayment Is Required & Nonrefundable **

$45 路 15 minutes

Full Torso (Female)

Pre-payment is Required & Nonrefundable

$40 路 15 minutes

Brow Shaping

Brows are mapped out, trimmed, waxed, and tweezed to perfection. *Be sure that you are not using any Retin-A products, prescription acne medications, or any antibiotic that requires you to stay out of the sun. A simple google search will tell you if you should avoid waxing on your medication* **Prepayment Is Required & Nonrefundable**

$30 路 30 minutes

Under Arms

Prepayment is required and non refundable

$25 路 15 minutes

Half Arm

$40 路 15 minutes

Reiki Therapy Single Session 30 Minutes

Reiki Therapy is a touch free energy healing treatment where the Reiki Energy is transferred to the receiver through the practitioner. Reiki Energy removes energetic blockages; relieves stress & anxiety, and promotes healing. During the session the client remains fully clothed, and is encouraged to get comfortable on the heated massage table using blankets and pillows. Soothing music plays, and the room is dimly lit by candles. I use hands free or very light palm touch at specific points on the body to direct the Reiki Energy. After a session clients report feeling calm, safe, and relaxed. I鈥檝e also had clients who have had issues with inflammation and chronic pain report that symptoms are relieved. Those with anxiety & depression also report feeling a sense of calm and grounded. Reiki treats the mind, body, & spirit, and is an amazing way to practice self care. During your session you may feel heat, coolness, pressure, or tingling throughout your body as the energy moves. Some clients experience emotional waves, and feel the urge to cry. This is followed by a sense of love & protection. Reiki is an amazing tool for anyone who is going through a breakup or hard transition. There is no such thing as receiving too much Reiki, as your body only takes what it needs from the Reiki Practitioners Reiki flow. Many clients start with a session weekly for 2 weeks, and then once monthly for as long as they feel necessary. 馃挅

$75 路 30 minutes

Wax Package Visit (Single Visit of The Regular Brazilian Wax 5 Pack) Select this if you have already purchased a Brazilian Wax Package (5 Pack) (In Order To Schedule This You Must Have A Package Already Purchased)

Free 路 30 minutes

Alexandra Lepore

Master Esthetician with 22 years specializing in Brazilian Waxing.