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Our Services

QuickBooks Training or Teaching (By the hour)
Using QuickBooks and just can't seem to figure it out? Or, thinking about implementing QB into your business goals? We can help. From setting things up, or simply moving a few things around. Let us help you.
Form(s) Creation
W-2's, 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-B, you name it, we'll file it properly and create it as needed by State and IRS Guidelines for you.
New Business Consultation
Starting a Business? Don't know where to start? Come meet Andi, and leave with Tax help, Advertising tips, Marketing tips, the Do's and Don'ts!
Individual Income Tax Return
W-2's Only/No Kids/No House $50.00 Income/No Kids/House $75.00 Income/Kids/No House $90.00 Income/Kids/House $100.00 Earned Income Credit $100.00 Income/Kids/House/EIC $125.00 College Student/Claimed Child $20.00 Retired Income/Social Security 65+ $20.00 Retired but won't quit working $40.00 Drop-Off Discount of 10% will Apply to those choosing to do so.
Partnership Tax Return Preparation
Form 1065 Federal and One State included. Gross Receipts < 250,000.
Payroll Services-Weekly for 1-3 Employees
Payroll Services including required Paystubs per pay period. Sent to Employer and/or Employees. Paychecks or Transfers to be done by either party. Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Payroll Forms will be filed, reported, and paid as necessary, in the manner of your choosing, as allowed by Federal and State laws.
Payroll Services-Bi-Weekly/Semi-Monthly for 1-3 Employees
This includes printed and mailed paystubs and/or emailed for 1-3 Employees. Your monthly price includes your quarterly payroll tax forms and year end W2's! Benefits payments and the like (401k, SIMPLE, health insurance) are an additional fee.
Bill Paying Consultation (By the hour)
Have bills that need paid. Want help figuring out which one to pay for first? Or will help your credit score? The first step is asking for help! We can help you help yourself.
Quarterly Payroll Reports Prepared and/or Filed (No Contract)
Federal/State/Futa/Suta/Sales Tax or any other necessary report for the business as needed. No Contract necessary, or carried.
Monthly Bookkeeping Services
Monthly recording of all transactions through the account(s) as needed. Profit & Loss will be provided monthly.
Payroll Services-Weekly 10+ Staff
Price varies depending on arrangements, benefit payments also required, and other variables. Monthly Price would always include any payroll tax forms filed and or paid as necessary for the business to maintain Federal and State laws.
Consulting (By the Hour)
Need help with a few questions? Don't know what questions to ask? Starting a family? Buying a home? Want to know how people create a Savings account? You're not alone. Just ask us for help. That's what we do!
Debt Consolidation
Need help learning how to consolidate your bills? Or wondering what consolidating bills actually means? (by the hour)
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