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UCDI and Do Something Daily provides experienced and skilled based training to help others. Empowering via seminars, leadership training, speaking, online courses and literature. UCDI is here to inspire you to dismantle internal limits and break any barriers that prevent you from capitalizing on life.
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Our Services

Connection Tools Series
Join us for a powerful two-day workshop guaranteed to improve your communication style. The increase you seek will be influenced by how you communicate! 2019 Dates May 18-19th and Aug16-17th Connection Tools- DISC Training- John Maxwell Team- Tailored Mentoring
Unauthorized Nouns Pre-Launch
A look at idols in post Christian America. Thank you for your support! Please let me know a time that I can call you and express my gratitude!
Languange Mastery Immersive
The ability to speak and present DIRECTLY influences the quality of life and freedom you experience. Say yes to this powerful three-day immersive training guaranteed to improve your speaking abilities! 2019 Dates June 20-22nd and October 17-19th The increase you seek will be influenced by how you communicate! Connection Tools- DISC Training- John Maxwell Team- Tailored Mentoring
25 years of Leadership training plus resources from the #1 leadership guru in the world brought directly to YOU! Do Something Daily (DSD) will facilitate an in-depth study of communication, connection, and leadership principles. Come and grow with a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and John Maxwell Trainer while finding out how you really land with those around you. As a result of this 2-day seminar, synergy will be revived, re-focused, more streamlined, and trust will increase among your team -supporting growth and bottom line profit. **In other words; actions, initiatives, and intentions CONVERGE and settle into the sweet evergrowing spot of congruency.**
Conference Speaker
Speaker, Certified DISC Trainer, Energetic Leadership and Team Development Consultant, Sales Inspirer
Quick Chat!
A one-time quick phone call to discuss your next step!
Quick PYB
The is a short, targeted call that focuses on a specific area(s) that the Client wishes to address. These areas may address business, mindset, or language mastery. Designed for a quick 'pick your brain' for clarity and next steps.
Hold Your Form V Neck (T-Shirt)
Hold Your Form. A friendly reminder for maintaining your poise, drive and direction in the midst of adversity and chaos. Hold Your Form.

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