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Our Services

QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique DEPOSIT
**This is only a deposit to save your spot on the calendar. Please read to the bottom of this post. This is a process of going to the super-conscious mind and looking into a deeper level of understanding. Not only may you clear past lives that no longer serve you, but you also will talk to that part of yourself, that is all knowing and all healing. This is about a 5 to 6 hour process from start to finish. **THIS IS AN IN PERSON ONLY SESSION **$100 non refundable deposit to book this session. With a minimum of 48 hour notice you may reschedule your appointment to a different day. If you fail to give 48 hours or better notice you will loose your deposit. BALANCE OF $295 IS DUE AT THE APPOINTMENT TIME.
Ascension Activation Session
Up to 2 hrs of Channeled Calibrations and light codes, meeting off planet councils, visiting other realms, clearing energy blocks, soul tuning, scanning your aura for any vibrational discrepancies and more. There are no two sessions alike, they each take on their own form and journey. I personally go into a channel, and the Light Council that is in the highest good for the client, comes through and leads the journey. *This session can be done in person, by phone or by video.
10 minute reading
This is a quick follow up type of reading, or a one question reading. Not meant to be real in depth, but good for confirmation or a quick pick-me-up.
15 minute reading
Short and sweet, but enough time for one or two questions or an energy clearing.
30 Minute Reading
via phone or video
60 Minute Readings
via phone or video
Hypnosis session
Via Video. Sessions include work around what you would like to have happen. Followed by some trance hypnotic work, symbolic modeling, possible Reiki, and then Hypnosis with a recording of the hypnosis for you to take home and continue to listen to.
Hypnosis recordings catered to you (specialized recording without session)
*up to 30 min phone consultation and a personalized recording sent to you at a later time. (No session with this recording)
Stop Smoking session
via video There will be a recording of the session for you to continue to listen to. Stop smoking is also a tax write off and some Health insurance companies will pay/reimburse you for your session.
Life and Intuitive Coaching
via phone or video
Clearing home of unwanted energies and portals.
I will virtually go into your home (remote viewing) and look for energies that are no longer serving you or not welcome, as well as seeking out portals that may have opened within the home, and seal those. This is about a 30 minute process. This session is via phone or video conferencing.
Remote house clearing 30 min
30 minute house clearing via phone or video
Remote house clearing 60 min
60 minute house clearing via phone or video
Remote energy healing/Reiki Session
via phone or video. I will tune in and look for areas of stuck energy or weak spots in your aura. I will take you through the scan step by step as I am doing it. We will work together at moving the energy out and healing the affected areas.
Tree Readings
You draw a tree (as detailed as you want, colors welcome) and I will read the tree and send you a report via email. This is all via email exchange. No phone or video
Channeled Letter from your Council, Angels or Guides
This is a 1 to 2 question email you send me that I will sit with and channel in the answer. I will email back up to a 2 page response from your Council, Angels or Guides, depending on who comes in.

Our Staff

Tracie Mahan