Two Bit Barbershop

Brooke’s Two Bit Barbershop is a unique barbershop that provides the highest quality men’s haircuts, traditional cut throat shaves with hot towels and beard shaping. The shop is inspired by old school barbers and good old traditional values.

We are open for appointments 7 days a week. We accept walk ins only when available. We respectfully request your careful attention to the service description prior to booking services specific to your need. Please double check your booking before submitting to ensure you are not double booking unwanted services.

To ensure that we deliver the best possible service and customer service to
our clients, we have allocated the necessary time to complete each service.
We reserve the right to decline any service to a client who
is 5 minutes late for their scheduled appointment. We require a minimum of 1 hour notice for any cancellation and rescheduling request. If adequate notice is not given, you will be marked as a no-show for your appointment.
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Open today until 6:00 PM

Our Services

Buzz Cut
ONE LENGTH all over clipper cut that does not include any shear work. Straight razor posterior neck shave included.
Senior Haircut and Beard Trim
65 AND OLDER ONLY. Standard clipper or shear cut followed by a beard trim and neck/cheek shave. (Shaping of goatees or chin straps not considered beard trim)
Hair starting out above the chin, shear or clipper cut. Cut is finished off with razor clean up of the back of neck. Does not include razor fade, or technical cuts (ie: bobs, a-lines or drastic length removal)
Deluxe Haircut
Haircut with shampoo and conditioning service followed up with a warm-lather nape shave. EXCLUDES LONG OR TECHNICAL CUTS.
Haircut and Beard Trim
Standard clipper or shear cut followed by a beard trim and neck/cheek shave. (Shaping of goatees or chin straps not considered beard trim)
Haircut & Express Beard Trim
Senior Haircut
SENIOR IS 65+ ONLY Shear or clipper cut followed by a posterior neck shave with a straight razor
Kids Cut
13 & UNDER ONLY Haircut. Razor Fade NOT INCLUDED.
Straight Razor Fade
Sides and back of head are taken down to skin with a STRAIGHT RAZOR for the closest fade possible. The top is cut with either clippers or shears and includes texturizing if needed.
Active Duty Military Haircut (ID req)
Current Active Duty Military with valid Military ID (required) RAZOR/SKIN FADES EXCLUDED
Long or Technical Haircut
For all hair starting out longer than chin length. Service includes layering as well as texturizing if needed. Includes technical cuts regardless of initial length (ie: bobs, a-lines, pixies or drastic length removal)
Shampoo Service
Invigorating shampoo and conditioner add on service with relaxing scalp massage.
Beard Trim
Our beard trim and shape helps tame wild whiskers, muscle moustaches back into shape and brings definition to shaggy shaves. Neck and upper cheek lineup with straight razor and hot towels included.
Express Beard Trim
Our beard trim and shape helps tame wild whiskers, muscle moustaches back into shape and brings definition to shaggy shaves. NOT INCLUDED: razor work or hot towels.
Royal Beard Treatment
Our ultimate beard treatment! Service includes a full facial, beard wash, oil treatment, beard trim, neck and cheek shave and beard blowout. This service will leave your beard feeling silky smooth and ready for any occasion.
Razor Line Up
Line up of the front of the hairline with a straight razor. Haircut, Beard lineup and clean up NOT INCLUDED
Shave and Haircut
Our haircut service followed up with our classic straight razor face shave.
Straight Razor Face Shave
A classic straight razor shave. Begin with two steaming facial towels to soften the beard and open your pores. We apply warm pre-shave oil, continue with a full lathering and complete an initial shave along the grain of your beard. We finish with a cool facial towel and aftershave application. (Chin straps and goatee shaping/shaving service is charged as Shave due to larger shave area)
Straight Razor Head Shave
Who said your face should have all the fun? We move our steaming towels, pre-shave warm oil application, full lathering and straight razor shave from your face to your head to give you the sleek, smooth silhouette you love
Half Head Braids
Half head box braids or cornrows. Please contact the shop to discuss how much hair will be braided to ensure proper time allotment. Cost per hour is for braids only.
Military Cut and Beard

Our Staff

Brooke is no longer accepting new clients. If you are an existing regular client of hers (ie: you come in every 4-8 weeks) please contact the shop or her directly to schedule. If you are new to the shop or have not been in her chair in the last 8 weeks, please book with another of our amazing barbers. Thank you!
Carley is trained in the ancient art of thumb wrestling and is a world renowned stick fighting master. Due to her high profile lifestyle and achievements, she decided to move out of Missouri and into this smaller, cow town that we call Ft Collins. Now that she has started over, she has decided to give up her past lifestyle and learn to be a bull fighter. She is currently working with us as a barber to save up money for bull riding lessons. So help her dreams come true and book an appointment with her today!
Prior to becoming a barber, Cassie worked as an animal trainer for the circus. She once taught the world largest bear, Genghis Kahn, how to ride a unicycle while juggling 4 monkeys. Unfortunately those monkeys didn’t care for that type of work. They walked off the job after Kahn accidentally tossed them up too high and they hit their heads on the top of the spiegeltent. Shortly after that incident, she decided to leave the circus and come work with us. To find out where the monkeys are now, book your next appointment with Cassie!
Elena has been studying the art of ping pong for many years. She once beat a T-Rex in a 6-5 standoff match that was being held in the basement of a Chinese restaurant in Shanghai. Upon winning that match, she was crowned Ping Pong Champion and began teaching the art to orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra. She has since retired from that job and is currently working with us as a barber. If she can train orangutan to play ping pong, imagine how good she is at Barbering! Be sure to book with her today!
Pat may be well known for his amazing beard, but that is only the tip of the iceberg with him! What you may not know, is that he was a stunt double for James Bond in all of the movies ( yes, he ages well). He once jumped off a 10 story building, onto the hood of a beautiful Aston Martin DB5 and quickly made his getaway on a stallion called He-Man. He is a man of many secrets and many stories. Ask him all about them when you book your next appointment in his chair!
Sal has been barbering for several years and has many hidden talents! She is a semi-pro high fiver, a world champion chicken nugget eater and previously worked as a wedding singer for Bat mitzvahs and 80's themed weddings. She'll keep you well entertained during your service! Be sure to book with her for a good time!